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My Spiritual Journey S8-E5 It Looked Right at me

There was an evening in October ware I received a message from a follower of Altar Yourself.This person had been sitting in their living room late at night when they saw something and grabbed their phone and took a picture. What this person saw was black and blue and I saw it as black and purple. Regardless it was an entity poking its body around the corner of the wall wearing these colors. I was unnerved by this photo. I asked this person if they had been having negative thoughts and they agreed that yes, they did. I explained that when a negative lower energy is in the home it will actually start playing with someone’s mind. It will affect their thoughts, feelings and behaviour without the person even realising it.

The client and I agreed it was time for a house cleansing. We needed to get this lower level energy out of their home and family. Now I am a sucker for when children are in the house because of our own personal experience and because their grandbabies enter that home, I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. We booked an evening and I knew I needed Derek to come with me as they respond better to dominant male energies better. Now I could do it on my own but the male energy makes it some much easier and smoother.

I have a bit of a routine before I head into any cleansing or blessing and Derek got to experience this haha. As I get ready, I blast my music, dance and sing my heart out. It’s a way of clearing my mind. As well as with my Clair’s being stronger it helps me poke my head into the situation and I am able to see what I am dealing with. As I was getting ready to go I was a bit distracted with my daughter so I just carried on and decided I would do it on my way to the client’s house.

We decided to grab a coffee before we got to the client’s house as we had some extra time. We went through the drive through and parked in the parking lot. I then cranked the Cranberries on the radio and sang my heart out. As my mind was blank and I was singing I was all of a sudden in my client’s house in my mind’s eye. I was going up the stairs and turning right down the hallway. I could see every picture on the wall the bedroom on the left and all of a sudden, I was pulled to a closed bedroom door on the right. I knew that’s ware the lower energy was coming from. I all of a sudden saw a flash of something black and purple. I turned around and followed it. It went into the client’s bedroom. It was moving in and out of the closets. I then saw the client’s sleeping and it moved over to the male client’s side of the bed. It was playing with the client. As the client slept it was sticking its face about an inch from the clients almost as if it was saying. “Catch me if you can.” It would wake the client up but the client wouldn’t see it as it would be gone too fast. As I was watching it lean over the client and all of a sudden it turned its head and looked directly at me.

I jumped back in my seat in the vehicle. I was shook to the core. It made contact with me. It looked directly at me. I got out of there as soon as I could. What I saw a lower energy entity. It was short wearing black and purple. It had a white face. As if it was painted in white old makeup. You could see every wrinkle cracked in the white makeup. It had bust grey eyebrows caked with white makeup. Black eyes that never ended. It knew I was coming. I immediately said our prayer of protection over Derek and I and decided it was time to go now as it knew I was close by. That was the very first time I have ever been able to make contact that way.

When we got to the client’s house Derek was blown away as I knew exactly ware everything was in the house. We sat and visited with the client’s going over everything that had been happening and how they had been feeling. It was everything I already knew but its great for the clients to understand how it can actually affect them. Now the interesting part about all of this is that these clients were the biggest skeptics of all of this until they had made contact with me over the death of their parents. Such a tragedy and my heart went out to them from the beginning. I had to do what I could to help improve their lives.

I began with my opening prayer in the living room. Crazy as it sounds their one cat sat in the doorway of the room I was pulled to and it growled at us during the saging. Derek and I went down to the basement and worked our way back upstairs. The dogs were barking like crazy during this process. I was seeing this lower level energy zip throughout the house but it was way to fast for me to even grab a photo of it. It really enjoyed playing games with people. We went into the room. And we began saging and demanding all lower levels out. The client’s wife brought in her Medicine Wheel and hung it above the grandbabies crib. As we were in there, I kept catching a glimpse of something pacing up and down the sidewalk outside. The client’s wife said yes, their light sensors continuously go off out there as if someone is walking back and forth. Now it is Winter so we decided to do the inside now and the outside in the Spring.

An interesting fact about all of this is when Derek and I were in the parking lot and I was journeying through the house in my minds eye Derek was getting a pressure above his left eyebrow. During the saging Derek and the male client were both getting pressure on the left side of their faces.

When we finished saging that particular room we all noticed a sudden stillness and peace in that room. We then moved out into the living room to do my closing prayer. When we were done everyone could actually hear the silence in their minds. That cat and dog were quiet and it was just pure calmness and silence. All other static going on the back-group prior was silenced. The client’s loved this. We sat and chatted after and I explained and gave detail on how to avoid these negative energies returning to their home and what to do when in contact with others of lower energy. I gifted them Cedar and Sage Smudges and instructed on how to use them.

I messaged them next day and asked how it was. They stated that it was so nice to hear the silence.


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