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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E5- Before the New Awakening

I have always been able to communicate with Spirit but the last few months have intensified for which I am gratefull but it can also be heart wrenching. With the light there is also darkness. It began a few months ago late at night sitting at my kitchen table. I started recieving information from two young boys. It appeared their bodies were never found some where in New Bruinswick. I was not recieving names but the information was overwhelming as I was not getting enough to help them. I went to bed that night feeling like crying for them and unsettled.

A week later I was doing a live card draw and these two boys again started coming though. I was suddenly overcome with sadness during the reading as again it was not clear enough to help find their bodies. A few weeks later we had a family member pass. This family member came through loud and clear and took me to what seemed to be looking their eyes before they passed. This as well was overwhelming as it was a repeated event. Although it was overwhelming I was also grateful.

With this I had a friend reach out to me as one of her family members were missing. Again it was if I was in his body looking through his eyes.. I was walking very fast on pavement down a street. I could feel panic, anxiety and fear. It was dark. As if I was trying to hide from someone. Then all went dark and I couldn't pick up anymore.

I then had another friend reach out as her family member was also missing. Unfortunatley this time I couldn't pick up on him. In the end though maybe it was a good thing as he was found safe and sound. This takes me to a few weeks later. I had another family member pass. Now due to the sensitive nature of it all I will not give details. What I will say though is I was again taken to looking through his eyes and being in his body. This was a repeat experience for days for me.

This now took me to the past week. Unfortunatley a family member of mine had a loved one go missing. My Mom asked me if I could try and pick up anything I could. Now keep in mind I did not know this person but thought i would give it a try to help. I opened up my line of communication and was instantly brought looking through his eyes and in his body. I (he) was walking in a wooded area. There was water nearby and I was cold and damp. I felt very nauseated and had a pain in the left side of my stomach obove my belly button. I just did not feel right. It was dark in the area I was in and I felt dazed or confused. Then everything went black. He continually gave me the word "Iain" which means God is Gracious. I cried. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. When I was done I called my Mom and told her. I also explained that as we self doubt ourselves, how do you pass information like this onto someone as you want to give them hope....

That whole evening I continued to feel nauseated and so cold. I ended up laying on my couch with a heavy blanket the rest of the night. The next day I went to visit my Mom and just as I was connecting again to the same man I got the same images and the same nausea. Just then our family member who was looking for him messaged my Mom. I found out that my Mom had called her the night before and told her of my findings. Unfortunatley in her message she stated, It was just as Crystal (I) had described. They found this young man in a wooded area beside a creek and it was dark in there....

I still have moments of not trusting myself but I am learning to say what comes to me. It is always a learning process...I know we never stop learning....


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