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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E6- I am Embracing the New Awakening

A week after someone kicking my bed. I woke up and was immediatly aware of two Spirits in our house. I was not uneasy as they were visitors for my husband. His Grandma and Grandpa were here to spend the day with him and bring him support. Later towards evening they started communicating with me to pass him on a few messages. This my husband was very thankful for. I was so happy I was able to bring this through for him. Now this was how the new beningning started. First it was the kicking of the bed. Then it was the day after Derek's Grandparents came through.

I was doing my books for my buisness and was having issues with the printer. Derek and I went downstairs to look at it and figure out the problem. We were discussing how his day was and then we started discussing the conversation I had with his Granparents. Just then with my own two eyes I saw two beautiful golden and white orbs fly behind Derek's back. I immediatly stopped talking and by the look on my face Derek asked me what was wrong.

I smiled but was stumbling on my words. I told him two beautiful and golden white orbs flew behind his back. He said, "What?! How are you physically seeing this?!" I explained it must be the same as when I see my energy colors with my eyes open now...kind of like how one sees an aura around someone. I see auras but I do not see them in color yet, just in density (something I am working on). Derek asked if I knew who the orbs were and right away I knew, it was his Grandparents. They again were bringing love and support to him.

Last night is when my eyes were opened wide and I finally figured out what was happening and took comfort in knowing what is to come with expanding my gifts. I spent the evening finishing up the last few details on doing my company books. I cleared off the table and took a phone call from my girl friend Emily. It was around 8:00pm and Derek came up to me to say goodnight. He gave me a kiss and away he went. When the phone call was done I called my Aunty Lil and chit chatted for a bit. I shared with her a dream I had the night before that I told my Mom and Aunty Anita about. It was a dream about my Grandpa Ken who is passed and his best friend Sparky who is also passed. We were in Sparky's house which was a grand place (when he was a live he lived in a tiny home). There were a ton of people around but I could't see their faces. I then heard laughter and talking but I could not make out their words. I saw Derek and our kids there but no one else. Sparky was a younger, bigger version of himself. I watched him walk into the spare room. I went in behind him and found him laying dead on the bed. Why I had this dream...who knows...both have been passed for several years....why am I sharing it with you....I don't know but it seems signficant. Anyways when we were done our chat we said our goodbyes and I headed to the bathroom to run a bath.

After my relaxing bath I decided to head to bed and watch a Netflix show again until sleep consumed me. I was just getting ready to again put my phone down for the night when something again kicked our bed! I yelled at Derek again and woke him up. This time he had slept through it and hadn't noticed it. We stayed up talking a little bit then he went back to bed. This time the event happened around 9:30pm. And again the animals did not move. I decided to watch a little more of my show. I began getting tired and looked at the time it was 12:38am (same time) I decided it was time for sleep. Just then I heard a knock at our bedroom door! I flew out of bed and ran to Derek's side of the bed panickly telling him to get up ( this took me back to the time my Grandma opened the door to the devil). I was NOT opening that door lol I made Derek do it! But as he got up I realized I was not fearful and the animals had not moved, It was a knock to get my attention. Derek got up and opened the door. (The door was open when I went to bed) We then went to each room and peaked in. All was calm.

I asked Derek to sit with me at the kitchen table for a bit to see if anything would come through. A moment later I realized a man was standing beside me. His name was Gordon. He was of Aboriginal Decent. Derek was wondering if it was someone new coming through as my gifts had been expanding. I was so confused as he was not saying anything. After I told Derek I was confused Gordon said, "perplexed." Well he knew I was confused! Just then I understood. It was clear. FINALLY! My Guide had come through to me! I had been waiting for this moment to actually have a physical sighting and conversation with my guides for years! But that is all he said hahaha. We decided to go to bed. I could feel he was still in the kitchen when we left. As I got into bed I heard him come down the hallway and instantly I saw a black orb fly by me! It was Gordon! But why was it black!

Derek and I did a little researching. Gordon was making me aware of my new spiritual changes coming and exapnding as if to say "Okay it's time! Wake up! Let's roll! My new Spiritual Awakening has begun. He was also warning me of something negative to come , to follow and listen to my intuition as you know it is the most uncomplicated connection we have with our guides. Usually when a guide manifests a black orb you should head the warning. They are trying to warn you. Some how I feel this dream I had about my Grandpa and Sparky are related to the negative to come. It also occured to me that Gordon was kicking my bed and knocking at my door to get me to get up and come to my kitchen to find out what he needed me to know as he was respecting the boundaries I had set up two years ago that Spirit cannot communicate with me in my bedroom while I am sleeping.


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