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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E3- House Cleansing in the Country

I had a family reach out to me to come and cleanse their house and property. I was actually very relieved when they contacted me as every time my friend Emily and I would drive by the location I would feel uneasy. I told her it was watching us drive by everytime and it was just an awful pulling you down feeling.

The lady of the house had reached out and I asked if I could do a remote viewing from my home. After she agreed I energetically went in. I was seeing old wood sheds and was being shown that the attachment was to the property. Now not strong enough that we couldn't at least move it outside of the property and out of the house. I was picking up on one of the children being affected as this child is very sensitive to energy herself. After the remote viewing and knowing children were involved I jumped on it immediately.

I prepared that whole day of the cleansing energetically and gathered my supplies. I was picking up the husband was a tad skeptical. I requested he be there during the cleansing. When I showed up I was immediatley drawn to the kitchen, living room and the child's room who being affected by this presence. Before we started I sat and discussed with the couple what could be there, how it was affecting them and what may happen during the process. They both agreed that yes they were being affected the way I had described. I then went around and took some photos and then turned on my Spirit Box to see who was connecting with us.

The husband was blown away when I said there is lady coming through for you. She gave me her name and it was his auntie. She also gave me the name of his uncle. She was there showing love, support and protection. I moved into the living room and started the ceremony. We did a little extra work in the children's rooms and then moved outside. I had the wife preform a proceedure with some Brick Dust I gave her and I went around the house and property with some black salt and smudge.

When we got to the garage the previous homeowner who had passed started coming though. His presence was so comforting knowing he was there. He was one of the kindest and gentlest man I have ever met. He was trying to help push out the lower level energy that was there. In that moment I felt it behind me and snapped a photo. I will share this photo at the end. I cleansed the garage and moved out to the rest of the property.

As I got close to a fifth-wheel that was parked on the property the lower level energy physically stood in front of me and got right in my face. This made me angry and I continued my ceremony and took it off the property. When the property was cleansed I had the husband and wife walk the property line with me and burry their protectants on the property so the lower level energy could not cross back over. The husband and I had a great conversation after the cleansing. With what came through for him and the photo he was truly one hundred percent now a believer and had respect for what I do. We were lucky as the energy was easy to get rid of this time. I may not be so lucky in the future.

Here is a snap of what was standing behind us in the garage.


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