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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E4- New Awakening

I had just finished doing an Akashic Reacors Reading. I cleansed my energy room. Turned out the lights and the shut the door. Typically after a reading I am starving and the house is quiet and dark as everyone is sound asleep in their bedrooms. I went up the stairs and went right to the fridge. As I opened the fridge door to see what awaits me I thought I felt a brush of wind on my back. I quickly turned around and peered into the darkness of my kitchen listening intently. There was nothing there. I then went back to finishing a snack to refuel and ground myself. I settled on some crackers and cheese. I walked over to the kitchen table and started viewing appointments that had come in.

After returning messages I decided I would head to bed. I walked down the hallway to the bathroom in the dark feeling as if someone was watching me but not picking up on anyone in peticular intuitively. I brushed my teeth, washed up and put my pajamas on. I opened the adjoining door to our bedroom and settled in under the covers. I gave a quick scratch to our cat Willow and our dog George who were sound asleep at the foot of our bed. I leaned over and gave my husband a quick kiss on the forehead and rolled over to watch a show on Netflix until my eyes were heavy. I noticed it was just passed midnight and decided to put my headphones in as to not wake anyone up.

I got lost in my show and caught myself dozing off. I looked at the time and saw it was 12:38am. Time to go to sleep. Just as I sat up to take my headphones out of my ears there was a huge bang and my bed was shaken! It was if someone had kicked the foot of my bed! I yelled at my husband, "Derek! Did you feel that?!" Derek said "I thought I was dreaming but yes, what was it?" I yelled again. "Someone just kicked the foot of the bed!" We layed there in silence listening and waiting for what was next to come. But nothing happened. The animals did not even stir! I knew if it was anything of a negative energy they would have gone bizerck. I decided I was not picking up anything intuitively and did not feel on edge so I would go to sleep.

I woke up to Derek's alarm clock going off in the morning. Just to make sure I had not been dreaming from the night before I asked him if he remembered what had happened. He clarified that yes it did happen....This was the begining of the new awakening.... (Cont'd)


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