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My Spiritual Journey S8-E4 Spooky Boo

Let’s go back a couple weeks. My back was still out and it was about 9:00pm at night. My friend called me just shaking with fear in her voice. She and her Sister were babysitting at her daughter’s house. They felt uneasy and the toy piano began playing. They went to go take the batteries out of it but it was revealed there was no batteries in the piano. They asked me to come sage but I was in no shape to be walking around. I told her to come and grab some sage and I would give direction on what to do until I get the opportunity to go over there.

I got Derek to run downstairs and grab some sage and I waited at the door. The sister showed up and was just shaking. I gave her a hug and told her it would all be okay. I instructed her on what to do and promised I would try and get over there when I could walk a bit better. I also did not want to do a cleansing when I was in such a vulnerable state. But I also needed to get over there because there were children involved.

When they returned to the house, they called me and I gave them direct instruction on how to sage the house and what to say. That whole night I was unnerved thinking about the children and seeing them play in the basement encountering them.

The next night I was moving around a bit better but still in a lot of pain. But I needed to get over to that house. I packed up my supplies and called the homeowner and had her pick me up. I was already picking up on an old residual energy. Something that was also brought on by drugs and a lot of fighting and negative energy. As I entered the house, I automatically started picking up on the male homeowners passed on loved ones. As I started asking questions and the male client started having tears stream down his face. I was happy to bring some of those messages and passed loved ones through to him.

I went to check out the home before my cleansing. I went to the basement. I started taking pictures and was picking up on a gentleman. When I described this gentleman, the male homeowner told me it was his Grandpa. I saw him as a green orb. I told him if we pick up a green orb in the pictures that it would be him. I caught a lot of other colored orbs. Some of higher energy and some of lower energy. I also caught the image of a spooky boo face in the basement window.

We went back up the stairs and began my opening prayer. We headed downstairs and cleansed and then came back up the stairs to the children’s rooms. I had the male client claim both of the children’s room. Not allowing any negativity to the rooms or from the rooms only positivity to the rooms and from the rooms.

The house felt still, calm and warm after the closing prayer. I knew it had been cleansed and that the passed loved ones were still there protecting, guiding and watching. Before I left, I received a message. I looked at the male client and said, “You didn’t call this gentleman I was picking up on Grandpa.” The male client stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me. I then said, He wasn’t Grandpa.” I was very matter of fact with him. Her looked at me and said, “Um no he went by Granddad.” I wasn’t buying it haha.

The female client drove me home and I asked if her other half was okay. She stated yes, he just doesn’t do well with feelings. That night I downloaded my photos and came across so many green orbs. But it was not the Grandpa. It was someone younger. I was so confused by this.

The next day I called my female friend and asked how the house was. She stated it was great and thanked me. I asked how her other half was and brought up the Grandpa confusion. Sher then revealed to me that it was actually her other half’s brother I was describing. Her other half was a bit skeptical about all of this so I had really thrown him off guard and thought maybe I was reaching at first but when he realized I was accurate he did not know how to deal with his feelings. He had to many thoughts going through his head. I was so happy I could bring his brother through to him and let him know he was there with him and his children.


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