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My Spiritual Journey S8-E3 The High Priestess

From the time I had finished my first Akashic records course I continually accessed my records. I knew I was in them because of the tingling and warmth I was receiving but I could not get any answers or see any past lives. The thing I did continue to see was the indigo blue dot surrounded with white light representing the eye I continually saw. We had been getting ready to head to Cabri Saskatchewan to attend our first party for Altar Yourself. My intuition continually told me there would be snow on the ground though, but I continued to pack and prepare. I told my Mom we wouldn’t be going because of the weather but the weather continued to be so mild. Well wouldn’t you know it. Two days before we were supposed to go a snow storm hit my Mom’s place of work and she couldn’t fly home. Then the day before we were to leave the snow storm hit us and then Cabri. Snow piled high and vehicles covered. So, we parked our butts and I decided to do the party online. I ended up doing nineteen private 30 minute sessions over the computer for two days. The sessions went well and Come the second day I had four readings left to do. I had just finished the third when I was taking a quick fifteen-minute break. I opened my phone and cruised through Facebook. I saw Toni had written a note in our Akashic records group asking how it was all going. I was honest and responded with the issue I was having of not being able to see any past lives or to get any answers. Toni responded and asked if she had permission to access my records to see what was going on. I continued on with my readings and waited patiently to hear what Toni had gotten from my records. I was half way through my reading when my phone vibrated letting me know I had a message. I knew it was Toni and I knew she had an answer for me. When I finished up with the reading I went and opened up my messenger and saw indeed it was Toni who had sent me the message. Toni had seen that in one of my past lives I was either priestess or I went to see a priestess to have my magik hidden. There was a protection over me so no one could see it. She did what she could and tried to remove it and clear any static. I thanked her and, in my mind, I knew this was correct. If you think about it back in the old days anyone who had gifts was sought out to be a witch and they were hanged, burned, drowned and so much more. So yes, if I had any gifts in that time I could see me having to hide them at some point in time. Now the interesting part about all of this information is that about a week prior I told Derek it was if there was a message trying to come through to me like something was going to open up but it was having a hard time. No matter what I did it wouldn’t or couldn’t come through and I know I needed to know what it was. That next day after Toni’s discovery I told Derek about her finding. He found it interesting and we sat in silence thinking on it. Then Derek got an idea. We listen to Raphael from Reydiant Reality religiously as his readings are always dead on. So Derek popped open our weekly readings and we listed. Then Derek decided to cruise a little more through YouTube and we found a monthly Akashic record card reading. We were intrigued so we listened. Holly crap! This woman talked of the exact same thing Toni mentioned!!! What were the odds and how was this so correct?! One woman from the States and one woman from Alberta, and Toni gave me this information before this other woman’s reading was posted! Again, Toni knows her stuff and I highly recommend her! This second woman also explained that I had gone to a High Priestess to have my magik hidden. She explained that she saw me guiding a group of people and helping them with their spirituality (I have been doing this the whole time on my journey). She also explained that once this barrier is taken down it will be like flood gates opening up and all of my Clair’s will be strengthened. Well holly shit…. I had to message Toni right away and tell her of this reading and tell Toni once again how amazing and gifted she is. After this reading I then had an idea. I went down to my energy room and accessed my records. I asked for my confirmations of yes, no and maybe. I saw all of my confirmations. But the thing that stood out was the eye again. Now this was my thought and idea. Maybe this eye was my protection. Maybe it was an Evil of Eye of some sorts. Maybe this was my protection to hide my magik. I then went in and asked if this was correct. I got my white light for yes. I then told them I was ready to have it removed so I could increase and strengthen my Clair’s to help others. I saw my white light again for yes but then I saw the indigo blue circle with the white light around it come down but instead of holding its shape it opened on the side and the color drained out and flowed like a river as if it was released. All I can say is that after I did this my Clair’s have become increased and my readings have become stronger and have actually even wowed me….


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