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My Spiritual Journey S8-E2 Miracles Do Happen

After weeks of agony and my back not getting any better, I was at a complete loss and began thinking this is how it was going to be from now on. Now I was scheduled for my Level I of Akashic Records course and was so excited but I was extremely worried. The course was going to be through Zoom but how was I going to be able to sit through a whole day with my back. I could barley sit for more than a minute without having to get up. I woke up three hours prior to my course to give myself time to get dressed and washed up and to be able to walk down to my energy room. I had not been able to do stairs so I was very concerned about this. Derek hauled a desk into my energy room for me and set up my computer and heating pad so I could do my two-day course in there. Wow I could not even dress myself. I needed help getting down the stairs, that took quite a while. Once in my energy room I felt sadness. I missed being in my room and working. It always holds such good energy in there. At the same time, I felt happiness I was in there. I just stood there and absorbed the good vibes. I finally got situated into my desk and waited for my amazing instructor Toni to accept me into the Zoom meeting.

Toni popped on the screen and was so accommodating. She explained if I needed to get up and walk around to do so. I was so excited for this course that I told her whether hell or high water I was not missing this course. I had waited so long to take this course. Toni taught me how to enter my records. It was amazing. It was so beautiful. This was a sensation I had never experienced in any other meditation or course. I knew I was in my records every single time when I felt a tingling sensation from my head to my toes and I was wrapped in warmth. Now at some point before the course I questioned it. Was it real? Was it too woo? Oh, heck no! This was real, it was really happening. We started off by seeing how I would receive my answers to questions. I asked my signs for yes, no and maybe. Wow…. what I received was so beautiful and intense. Now when I do Reiki, I see the energy in colors. Well I was also seeing my Akashic Records answers in colors but they were so much more vibrant and intense. I asked for my sign for a yes. Looking into the black of my third eye I saw the pin prick of white light flash on and off while moving diagonally down in front of me. The white was so intense. It was so bright I could see every ray coming out of it. Then I asked for my no. I saw an intense indigo blue circle around that intense white light. To me it resembled an eye. An evil eye. It moved to the right. I stared directly into it. The indigo shining out of it was so comforting I felt I could get lost in it. It felt safe to see it. It felt familiar to me in a sense but I could not figure out why. Then I asked for my maybe. I saw a green blob of light move to the left across my third eye. It was faded, like a veil I could see through it. The amazing thing about all of this is every time I open my records and confirm my yes, no and maybe I see the same answers only the colors are more vibrant and my tingling sensations and warmth are stronger as if I am not physically on earth (I know it sounds crazy, unless I had experienced it I probably would have questioned it). After experiencing this over and over again Toni suggested we take a break. I closed out our meeting. I painfully got out of my desk and made my painful way up the stairs. By the time I got up the stairs and walked around a bit stretching my back my time was up and I headed back down the stairs. I didn’t even have time to grab a coffee, smoke or bathroom break as those stairs took up all of my time. While heading down the stairs I had reached the second set and stopped. I stood there and cried. My back felt as if it was going to split in half and crumble. My hip was killing me as well. I took a few moments to relax and breath and pushed on back down the stairs. I got to my desk and made the awkward decent to sit down. Through screaming and tears I got to a seated position. I struggled to reach my heating pad dial to turn it on. I was feeling so defeated and sorry for myself as I had been looking forward to this course from the moment, I heard about it and now I could not even enjoy it because my pain was taking over. I got my heating pad turned on and took a deep breath exhausted from maneuvering around. I turn on my Zoom meeting and welcomed Toni’s face. As we began Toni must have sensed my pain and exhaustion as she asked if we could try something for my back. I was open to anything!!! Toni had me go into my records again. The sudden tingling began in head and worked its way down my body to my feet. I was wrapped in warmth like those blankets they give you at he hospital that just came out of the warmer. Toni wanted to see into my past life the exact moment I hurt my back. She was taken to me upon a horse. The horse reared up and I was thrown off breaking my back. She had me forgive the horse, the situation and myself for the injury and all of the emotions and situations surrounding it. She then had me sit in the records while she performed Reiki healing on my back. After about five minutes we continued on with my course. I was learning so much and enjoying every moment of it. Toni was an amazing instructor and made it all so easy to understand. It was time for another break. I logged out of my Zoom meeting and prepared myself for the painful event of getting out of my desk and walking up the stairs. I went to stand up and braced myself…. what the hell…there was no pain standing up…I slowly and cautiously walked toward my Energy Room door. There was no pain in my hip and no pan in my back. I was so confused. I got to the bottom of the stairs for the long and painful journey upstairs. I slowly raised my right foot to the bottom of the stair. I put my right foot on top of it and stepped up slowly putting my weight on my foot. Again, I braced myself but there was no pain! I continued up the stairs slowly and still no pain! I was actually walking up the stairs. I went straight to the washroom. I sat down and stood up on my own (in the back ground I could feel a little throbbing as if be cautious and don’t overdo it but there was no pain and I was doing it on my own). I walked out to the coffee pot. I reached for a coffee cup again bracing myself for pain. There was non. I poured myself a coffee and headed back towards the stairs. I peeked into the living room and saw Derek and the kids occupied so l let them be and continued on. I walked down the stairs slowly. This took a matter of seconds to do! I walked into my energy room and stood there. I embraced this moment and said thank you out loud. I was truly thankful for this moment of painless standing and moving around. I then did a little dance to see how pain free I was. I shook my hips and danced to my desk. Wow! Whatever Toni had did had worked. It truly worked. I was now one hundred percent a true believer in the Akashic Records. I got seated at my desk and opened my Zoom meeting. As soon as I welcomed Toni’s face, I thanked her over and over again. She was so humble about it. She smiled. I thought, “Now how am I going to explain this miracle to everyone else?” I thought hey if they believe then great, and if they don’t oh well! We continued with our course and finished out our day. I could not wait for tomorrows course. That night I wanted to see how truly better I was. I walked to our bed that Derek was already laying in for the night. I slowly laid down and took a huge sigh of relief. I had a smile on my face and I was laying in my bed after weeks of the Reiki table! Derek all of a sudden looked at me said, “Hey wow your sure moving around a lot better!” I looked at him and said, “You are not going to believe it. It’s like a miracle.”


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