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My Spiritual Journey S7-E7 Hello Bob

In Season 2 Episode 1 titled The Afterlife. I discussed my experiences staying at my Auntie Anita’s house in Cabri, Saskatchewan. I explained how events in her home happened when we would stay there. Now there were a few spirits in her home over the years but one that always stayed and hung around was a man. This man was not harmful but he was attached to the home itself. Just recently I had this man come to me in a reading and I found out who he was!

I had a lady contact me who lived in Swift Current, Saskatchewan for a card reading. It was such a beautiful reading as her loved ones came through with messages for her. I quite like her one relative in particular. I wish I had known her before she had passed on. She was a lively and sweet hearted spirit. I could tell by the emotion that this reading was needed for this lady and she was very happy to hear about her loved ones coming through and what they had to say.

The beginning of the card reading was very interesting as I saw a car accident from years passed before we even started. A gentleman came through but he was not related or a friend of this lady. Interestingly enough this lady told me that this gentleman also came through in a previous reading of hers from another reader. This gentleman did not know her but she knew his friends. This gentleman came though to tell her he was ok and to let his friends know. Now in our reading he came though laughing as this would now be a standing joke and he was going to continue popping up in her future readings.

Towards the end of the card reading and the mediumship messages I started seeing a gentleman walking forward. I could tell he was not related as well. It took him a while to come to me. When he got here, he was wearing a green jacket. A grey cap. Brown old gentleman pants. Black shoes that could be polished and a dark stained wood cane with a black rubber on the bottom. This lady asked me if this man carried any gum. I immediately said, Double Bubble!” He carried Double-Bubble gum in his pocket. This lady did confirm this for me.

At the end of the reading this lovely lady asked me if I had a few moments and she would tell me how some of the reading connected to me. This had me puzzled. But I was eager to know! This lady I was reading for told me his name was Bob and he used to live in the house on the property that my Auntie Anita lived on (my other Auntie lives there now and my Auntie Anita lives close by). This lady told me her Mother used to live next door. I was floored! I laughed and I smiled and I explained to her that she had just solved years of questions for me as to who was in my Aunties house! I had so many experiences growing up in that house and Bob actually came through and helped solve the puzzle through her reading!

I was told the kids in the neighbourhood would stop by Bob’s house and he would give them Double-Bubble. I told my Auntie that Bob had come through in someone’s reading. She could not believe it and was excited as she had remembered Double-Bubble containers in his house when she moved in, a yellow container for black shoe polish. I reminisced with my auntie and told her I always remembered the cupboard doors being wide open in the morning. She laughed and stated that Bob had curtains on the cupboards instead of doors.

It truly is amazing how everything comes full circle in life. I was so thankful for this reading with this wonderful lady and for Bob. Thank you, Bob, for coming to see me and answering years of wonder. I send you love, light and reiki blessings. Rest easy Bob.


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