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My Spiritual Journey S7-E6 Akashic Records and The Attachment

Through my Reiki training and journey, I met a very beautiful soul named Toni. Toni also has a very well-known business and she is amazing at what she does. I had been itching for months to take my Akashic Records training through her but before I did, I wanted to experience having a session of my own. From this experience all I can say is I am more excited than ever to take my course to help others and that Toni is the real deal!

We had an evening session booked through zoom. I went down to my Energy Room and got my Tablet set up and waited. As soon as Toni’s faced appeared, I wanted to jump up and down with excitement. I was overly excited, I am sure Toni could feel my energy bursting though to her. As Toni called upon the Lord of Akashic Records she saw a huge deep-rooted white tree representing spirituality. In my mind’s eye I was taken to this beautiful white and rock building with huge columns for support and a huge hallway inside. When I entered through two large doors (the art work chiseled in them was magnificent) I saw a podium at the front of the room. I knew I was to walk towards this podium. On my way to the podium I looked around and it was if I was in a huge library. I walked around the podium and saw an open file sitting there. It was stunning and radiating with energy.

Toni saw a smoky haze and me nurturing our son and preforming Reiki on him. When I told her, I trained him in his Level I Reiki the Lord of Akashic records was pleased. I was instructed to keep doing Reiki on him and all other meditation etc. She saw that he was very open and spiritual.

I had asked Toni a very specific question. I asked her to let me know of any past contracts that no longer served me to be revealed and cleared up. Toni stated that there were too many contracts to go over. That I was an old soul. And yes, she was correct. I am a life path 11/2. She then picked up on an attachment to me…. I got chills that very instant. How could she know about the Shadow Man. Obviously he was stronger than I thought, because I thought I had sent him away. Toni was not very sure what to do so she called upon all of my Ancestors to come into the room and perform an Ancestorial clearing of any attachment, contract, curses, hexes, etc. She said they would clear seven generations before me and seven after (I saw this Shadow Man being put on us from six generations before!) It was a beautiful site. Both Toni and I saw all of my Ancestors filing into the building and walking down the hallway to the room I was in. There were so many of them. It was bizarre because I was not physically crying but the tears were streaming down my face. It was a beautiful, safe, magical, happy and comforting feeling to know how much support I had from my Ancestors. They all gathered around us and went to work on lifting, removing and clearing the past. Toni could feel the emotions in her Heart Chakra.

Towards the end of our session Toni gasped in delight. She saw a purple haze over our son. She stated that if this is the path our son chooses, he will be an outstanding Shaman. My mouth dropped open when I heard this. You see at the beginning of Summer our Son, my Husband and I were having a fire in our back yard. Our neighbour who is an aboriginal woman came over for a visit. As the night carried on and it grew dark and it was our son’s bedtime. When he stood up and said his goodnights our neighbour walked over to him. Got on her knees and hugged him for several minutes. Our son looked at us like what the heck is going on but then embraced it. I told him to just go with it as I felt this was an important moment in his life. After several moments of silence, she stood up and told him goodnight and that she loved him. He replied that he as well loved her. After he went inside, I looked at her with a loving smile and said, “What the heck was all of that about?” She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Shaman. Your son is a Shaman. And he is powerful.” So, for Toni to say this to me warmed my heart to the core and I knew she was the real deal. October 24th, 2020 I will be taking my Level I in Akashic record training. I am thrilled to help others through it and excited to meet what has been calling me for months. Most of all I am thrilled and excited to be learning from the one and only Toni Snyder owner of Live-Laugh-Love Reiki & Reflexology.

After my session with Toni I went upstairs to join my Husband. The very interesting part about that is he looked at me and said, “It feels lighter”, (he did not know yet that we did an ancestorial clearing to remove the Shadow Man.)


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