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My Spiritual Journey S7-E5 The Man in the Window

I had been making some house blessing balls when My friend Bonnie asked me to make some for her. After she received them, she asked if I couple make a few more for her son. I instantly got a wave of something heavy. I asked why she needed more for him and asked what was going on in his life. She explained she felt he and his girlfriend needed them in their house. This Mom and her son had been through a lot. She had lost her daughter years ago and her son was feeling a certain type of way about it and it was bringing him down still. Now this I could relate with as I had the same experience. My heart was going out to them and I offered to help for free.

I was sitting at the table and I was tapping into something dark around the house. Coming and going. I messaged the mom and asked her if the kids were arguing in the house. I explained that the negativity would get them fighting and then feed and grow off of it. As I was messaging her my light in the house started flickering like crazy. This negative energy knew I was talking about it. I filmed the lights in real time and sent her the video. They called us to come out to Calmer to cleanse and bless the house.

I gathered my supplies. Drove out to Leduc and picked up my girlfriend Kristi Hemmings. She was going to be my photographer as Derek stayed home with the kids. As we pulled up to the house, we were both goose bumped. A young lady with blonde hair opened the door to us. She invited us in and I asked her a few questions. I don’t think she knew what to expect that particular evening. But just before we started my prayer Kristi and I heard someone walking up from the basement stairs. Although we didn’t see anyone. As I started my prayer Kristi started walking around taking photos. We went down to the basement. There had been a room mate staying down there. I did not like him being there at all. I was picking up that he was stirring the pot between the couple living there. We were being pulled to an area in the far end of the basement. I could feel activity in there. I saw shadows, light and movement.

Kristi and I were continually trying to capture the spirits on camera. They were fast but we did manage. In my mind’s eye I saw the young man’s Grandmother patrolling the house and his Sister in the home. I saw the dark spirit standing over top of the young lady while she slept in bed. I also picked up on a stand and a barn window with an attachment to them. I saw this dark spirit…a man getting tension between the couple and growing stronger from it. I turned around and bam in my face was the stand I saw in my mind’s eye. I saged it and carried on upstairs. Kristi continued taking photos.

When we got upstairs, I saw against the wall some old barn windows. I was pulled to the third one. The young lady told me that’s the only one she hadn’t cleansed. I saged it and moved throughout the house. We had still been waiting for the gentleman of the house to get home from work. I had messages for him. So I focused on the young lady of the house. We finished cleansing and I described an older man with her. She confirmed it was her Grandfather. I picked up on her aboriginal roots and asked her who had the family tree marked down. She stated her Grandmother. I asked when she was going to get it. She stated that it was left for her by her Grandfather but had yet to pick it up. I all of a sudden saw a name. She confirmed that was her families’ last name. I was then pulled to her Grandfather on the porch. Something of his was of significance out there. She stated that the bench he made was there.

It was getting later and I decided because the gentleman of the house was not home yet we would go out side and protect the property. It was pitch black out. I had brought four pieces of Black Tourmaline and wanted the home owner to dig a hole on all four corners of the property and burry them. We headed to the back yard first. As soon as we got out there Kristi and I were drawn to the house beside the home owner’s house. We felt we needed to take pictures. Something dark was there. I asked about the house curious as to what was in there. The young lady explained that the house had been sitting empty for years and would not sell. Well I knew why…there was something in it deterring the sale.

After we took photos, we moved to the front of the house to burry the Black Tourmaline. Just as we finished the gentleman of the house returned home. We went inside. The homeowners could feel a difference and calmness in the home. I started passing along messages from the sister and grandmother to this gentleman. This is a confidential matter and will not explain the details of it all. But he was touched and relieved to know they were there with him. Everything I told this gentleman was spot on.

After we were finished, I felt confident with the space they were in. Kristi and I left and got into my vehicle. Kristi opened up her phone and showed me a photo from the house next door. There in the photo was a man looking at us from the window…. I went back in and asked for permission to write about this blog and share the photos. The home owners agreed.

On our way home Kristi felt a flick on her ear twice in the car. She was feeling a little freaked out. I told her it was my brother John saying hi as she knew him hahaha. We said our prayer to keep us protected from the energy we had encountered at the house next door and headed home. Once we were back in Leduc I picked up on Kristi’s Grandma and Grandpa. It brought a smile to her face and I was happy I could provide that for my friend.

Here are a few photos from the house cleansing and blessing.

I have received an update on Bonnie’s son and girlfriend. They are doing well and they seem a lot happier, more relaxed and happier.


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