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My Spiritual Journey S7-E4 I Continued to Tap in

As the days went on after our adventure to Pouce Coupe I continued to tap into what was going on. One evening I was on the phone with my Mom while she was in her room around 8:00pm or so. I had asked if there had been any activity. She had said not that she knew of. I told her I was picking up on banging in the kitchen in the far corner. She stated she wasn’t sure as she was not in the kitchen. The next day my Mom told me that one of the guys had asked if she had spoken with me as around 8:00pm the night I was on the phone with my Mom they heard banging in the kitchen and they could not bring themselves to go through the doors to look.

Another night I picked up on something dark in room 203. I asked my Mom if anyone was staying in that room. She stated that no there was not anyone in there. Now I did find out that 203 is two doors down from the gentleman who experienced his shaving cream being moved around in his bathroom sink. Low and behold that same night that I inquired about room 203 this same gentleman reported the next morning that he felt something come through the wall and levitate him off his bed. He was not scared and wanted to stay and see it to the end. In my mind’s eye I saw years ago a younger man between 25-30-year-old with black hair. Baggy blue jeans and a light bluish grey short-sleaved button all the way to the top shirt (almost like a shirt mechanics used to wear with their name patched on above the breast. I saw this man coming and going. I saw he drove a large red semi. He was not there long. But he did not dabble in the white light. He did a lot of dark light work in his room and knew that this place was perfect for connecting to spirit. The thing is though the spirits that came through the wall are not there to harm this gentleman. They are there to play with him and get a reaction. As long as he is not rude or ignorant with them.

Another night my mom stated that for the first time she felt very uncomfortable in the boiler room. She felt as if someone was right behind her. She also stated that another man felt uncomfortable that same day. I was tapping in that yes; she was not alone. I saw a younger woman in a long night white gown with ruffles at the bottom and very dark hair and brown eyes and very pale. She was following right behind my Mom. She wasn’t saying anything though. A somber expression. I could not figure out what she was doing. After a while I realized she was not there to harm my Mom or anyone else but almost staying by their side to protect them. She wanted to be heard. I sensed she had been bullied in her previous life or almost treated badly by someone in the hospital…maybe even a staff member? It was not clear who hurt her though. Then I was hit with a wave of her going into the boiler room with them because of the man in there. Now he was not happy!

I started asking my Mom if there was a long pipe running from the ceiling in the boiler room. She stated yes. I asked if there was a long table. She stated yes. I then saw a maintenance man hanging out above that pipe watching people in the boiler room. This was his room and he was pissed off they were in there. Particularly with the man who is now doing the maintenance work. I got that when the maintenance man worked there years ago, he was kind until you pissed him off. Even when they hired staff to help him, he would do the job on his own as he felt he could do it better. He was fine with people until they criticized his work. I saw him tinkering in the boiler room. He as well had a table in there and I saw him fixing light switches, radios etc.

My mom revealed that the now maintenance man had his morning coffee right under the spot that the old maintenance man was watching from. I asked her if the now maintenance man had any experiences. She was sure of it but he does not speak of it.

I explained to my Mom that most of the spirits there were kind and very protective and just wanted to be heard. But amongst all there are a couple unhappy spirits. I told my Mom how to claim her bedroom and how to keep them out of her room. I also explained to be firm but don’t get mad at them and taunt them. I will be sending back black salt with her for their bedrooms.

To this day my Mom feels the kind lady with the liver issue with her in the kitchen when she works. She stated that the building has been pretty quiet and calm. I told her it is for now but they will be plying again shortly. I explained some where so protective. Especially the nurse in charge. I told her she watches over them outside. My Mom explained that they had been painting a rail outside and she tripped. She should have broken her ankle and wrist but the way she landed she didn’t. She couldn’t believe it. I told her they were watching out for her and they had helped her.


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