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My Spiritual Journey S7-E3 I Needed to go Back

During our visit my Mom told us that one of the gentlemen had experienced a spiritual encounter in his room one evening. He was sleeping and woke up to hearing his shaving cream and kit being thrown around in his bathroom sink. He was a little rattled but not frightened. He spoke out to whoever was messing around with him.

Our time of visiting was coming to an end and we were getting ready to leave my Mom’s place of work. As we where walking back to the vehicle my eye caught the burned down motel. It was if it was waiting for others to go poke around the rumble. I told my Mom to stay away from there and to not cross into the trees over the fence in the grounds. My Mom had revealed to me that she had heard a noise in the trees a few days prior and she thought maybe a deer or something had been caught there. As she had walked down to look, she got a sense to walk away. She did not like the trees. I explained again that the land was disrupted and they were not happy. She also revealed that the owner had been cutting trees on the land not to long ago.

Just after the kids hugged my Mom and said goodbye they got in the vehicle. I then looked at my Mom and told her I was also seeing a maintenance man. I was also getting the name Jesper (I’m not sure if that was the maintenance man or someone else). I looked up at the building and I could see so many spirits watching us from the windows. The nurse was also walking the grounds. We said our goodbyes and got in the vehicle. As we were driving away, I turned and looked at Derek and said, “I need to go back. I have to spend some more time there.” It wasn’t just the building it was Pouce Coupe in general. There was so much to be revealed there. So many stories that needed to be told. The feeling to turn around was unbelievably strong but we needed to head home in the morning.

That whole evening my brain kept getting pulled to Pouce Coupe. Could not wait to get home and start researching the community. The drive home was welcomed. We were ready to get back to our home and own bed. But also, the need to go back was strong. Just as we were discussing going back my Mom called and said that her boss welcomed me to come and spend a night at her workplace. I am so excited. I could not wait to get back there. After that phone call I started tapping into the workplace and seeing spirit and feeling their energy. This was amazing! I was feeling so many good spirits who just wanted their stories to be heard. But I did also sense a couple negative spirits but they were not coming in strong.

We had gotten home after the long drive and were getting ready to unpack just then Derek’s phone rang. We had not been home for more than ten minutes and they called him back to work. He was off to make the five-and-a-half-hour trip back to Grand Prairie. I took the quiet time to research and investigate Pouce Coupe. But first I wanted to try and tap more into what I had been receiving on the trip home. I was getting the sense that the lady who follows my Mom is always in the kitchen with her. The spirit who moved the gentleman’s shaving cream in his bathroom sink was playing games. They were enjoying his reaction. They mentioned they were going to mess with his shoes. This has not happened yet.

My husband was home the next day as it was a one-day job. I told him I would contact the museum and get more information. My Mom sent me the number and I spoke to the kindest and most informative gentleman. He told me all about the history of the lodge, the motel and a little grave yard that you had to walk into. He even offered to personally tour me around the next time I went to Pouce Coupe. He was so kind he even went and said hello to my Mom. The lodge used to be the Red Cross hospital. I told my Mom I kept seeing a plaque somewhere in the building with the date on it. My Mom did find this. This lodge had many histories in it. Many different walks of life had stayed there. I was obsessed with Pouce Coupe!

I will show you some photos we captured while there.

In the first photo you can see the energy above my Mom. Some people say they can see a face in the trees. You will have to make your own observation.

In this second picture you can see the purple and white orb above my Mom’s head. This is the lady who follows her in the kitchen.


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