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My Spiritual Journey S7-E2 The Nurse Walks the Grounds

We spent a couple days having family time in Grand Prairie as it had been a while since we had a holiday. When it was near home time we decided to go visit my Mom again the night before we left. This time it was a planned visit so we had more time to visit with her. I was excited I could not wait to get there. Again, the scene was set. It was rainy, cold and gloomy out.

Again as we drove by the burned down rubble of the motel I had instant shivers down my spine. That area was stirred up and it was waiting and looking for trouble. As we pulled up into the lodge parking lot my Mom was waiting outside for us. It was like a horse being released from the gate when the car doors opened. Both kids took off running screaming, “Manan! Grandma!” There she was with open arms waiting to embrace her grandbabies. It was a photo worthy moment. I am a sucker for those special moments so I wiped out my phone and started taking pictures.

My heart was over flowing with love. We followed my Mom into the lodge and grabbed a coffee for us and a juice for the kids. We then headed outside so we could have a cigarette and visit. We were sitting on the patio with my back to the large panes of glass. I could feel spirits watching me. I just happened to be carrying a new deck of Goddess Guidance cards I had found in a little shop in Grand Prairie. I was itching to use them. Just then one of my Mom’s male co-workers came out for a coffee. I was excited to meet him as I had given him a card reading over video a couple weeks prior. After visiting for a while, I asked him if he wanted a reading with my new cards. He was more than game so away we went. Now I just love doing card readings because I have no say in what is pulled. The cards are always so accurate and every time I am still amazed. It always leaves me feeling thankful and excited. The last time I read for this gentleman I used my Angel Card deck. We where stunned at what the Goddess Cards revealed. The exact same card draw I had done for him a couple weeks ago! How was it possible?! I do not question it. Divine Guidance is a beautiful thing. He was stunned. He chuckled and said, “Well I guess the cards don’t lie.” They sure don’t.

My Mom’s co-worker had to get going. After he left, I noticed I could see and sense the spirits behind us in the building watching us out on the patio through the window. I told my Mom, “There are eyes every ware. This place is full of spirit. There are tons of them watching behind us.” My Mom smiled. She knew. It was just then the kids had been running around the grounds playing tag and I felt I needed to walk over to them and ask them to be quiet as it was getting later and people were sleeping. But as I walked out to them, I was pulled to the bush on the other side of the grounds fence. I later found out my Mom and Derek had been watching me and they said it was bizarre because I as I walked up to the kids, I never said a word. But the kids turned around, went silent and walked over to my Mom and Derek. I continued to walk to the fence. Derek looked at my Mom and said, Look at that. Crys is completely in her element right now doing her thing.” My Mom smiled and said,” She sure is.”

I saw dark shadows moving in the trees. I felt it would not be a good idea to go over the fence. To stay away. I was getting that the land had been disturbed. Whatever spiritually existed over there was not happy that the land was disturbed. I felt cold, damp, and uncomfortable. It was a huge warning to not cross that fence. After a few moments I turned away from the fence and saw a blonde-haired woman in a white nurse’s cap, a white nurse’s dress with short sleeves, white nylons and white nursing shoes walking the grounds. I immediately felt comforted. She was patrolling the grounds. I was getting that the grounds were protected. She would walk the perimeter making sure nothing dark was coming over from the burned down motel. Whatever was disturbed over the fence could not cross in as it was attached to that particular piece of land. This woman felt like she was one of the nurses in charge. She had a good heart. She was keeping control of the situations and checking in on everyone. She had a beautiful smile.

I continued walking back to the patio to join my Mom and Derek. I told them there was a nurse patrolling the grounds. I described what she was wearing. I was confused as this had been a lodge not in that type of era. We then went inside and I told my Mom I saw a boy in a very old wheel chair. I was also getting the name of someone ‘Jack’. I said it was if the boy’s leg was broken and he was just scooting along in his wheel chair. My Mom then said, “They say there is a boy in a wheel chair.” I stopped in my tracks and said, What?!” She looked at me and smiled and said, “Crys, this place used to be a hospital.” Well holly shit. It all made sense to me now! She had never shared this with me before and I am happy she didn’t as it was a huge test for me on trusting what I was picking up. Just letting myself have verbal diarrhea about what I was getting.

We sat at a table inside where it was warm. I took a few more photos of my family and visited. As we were talking, I got a very warm feeling roll over me. Again, I was comforted. I could see a woman standing behind my Mom. She was in a patient’s gown pulling an I.V. She had a yellow tinge to her skin and brown hair. I was picking up on liver damage. I was also picking up that she follows my Mom in the kitchen. She felt a connection to my Mom as my Mom has a liver disease. She watches over my Mom. She was not more than fifty-five years old. She was enjoying watching our kids play and have time with their Grandma. She had a beaming smile and had her hand placed over her heart with love. I repeated all of this to my Mom and Derek. I felt good knowing my Mom had such a loving soul with her…because even though there were so many good spirit in that building…not all of them were happy.


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