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My Spiritual Journey S7-E1 Pouce Coupe

I was sitting in my living room have a coffee when I got the dreaded phone call…it was Derek. “Hun I am pulled into Crooked Creek donut shop broke down.” My first baby, my Lancer kicked the bucket. Thank goodness Derek was safe. I had that car since before my son was born and she never cost us a penny. There Derek was coming home to his family and she lost all power on the highway. He was able to pull into the donut shop parking lot (thank goodness that is ware he broke down). Derek was able to get her towed back to Grand Prairie and the kids and I would be on our way to pick him up.

I loaded the kids up and away we went. Our first long distance road trip to a place I had never been. It was awesome. The kids were well behaved and were excited to be going to see their Dad. The drive took about five and half hours. The surprise I had up my sleeve though was we were going to take the kids to Pouce Coupe ware my Mom was working in camp and surprise her and the kids. Seeing my Mom and Dad work in their element has always been something I have loved to do since I was a child. They both always worked away from home so it was always so neat to travel and see what they do to support our family. There was always a sense of pride from me for them when I would go visit them at work.

We spent a few days in Grand Prairie (actually outside of Grand Prairie in Wembley). The second day we loaded up and went to surprise my Mom. The kids were excited. As we turned off the main road we passed by a burned down motel. To begin with the scene was set. It was gloomy, rainy and cold out. And there sat the rubble of a building. The darkness coming out of it sent shivers down my spine. Nothing good was coming off of that place. In my mind’s eye I saw drugs, bodies, anger, chaos, sadness, depression, mental instability and some dark entities. Let alone it was not safe to have this rubble just sitting there! As we pulled up to my Mom’s work site (I will not release the name for confidentiality reasons) I realized the work site was up on a hill over looking the burned down motel. I felt as if “They” were watching us from the motel.

We walked around the worksite which used to be a lodge. I felt a sense of history here. And that the building was alive. We walked up the front doors and called my Mom on the phone and had her come down to meet us. She and the kids were so happy to see each other. Of course it was awful timing as it was sandwich day and near lunch time. So we hustled into the building and went into the kitchen standing back while my Mom and her co-worker kept busy making sandwiches. Again I was filled with a sense of pride. Here was my Mom in her element. A well known hard worker and amazing cook. This is what she had done all of these years sacrificing being away from home to help support her family. I sensed eyes everyware…we were being weatched.

I needed to use the washroom so my Mom gave me her room number and I headed down the hallway. I was not alone…but who was walking with me? I found her room number and went in. It was a beautiful big room. Lots of natural light. A tv table, shoe rack, mirror, bed and her own washroom. Best of all it smelled of my Mom’s perfume. I did my business, washed my hands and started walking out of the room. As I passed her table I felt someone sitting on the bed watching me. Now I did not want to say anything in front of my Mom or the kids. I kept quiet. I walked down the hall back into the large kitchen. I sensed a woman in the corner of the kitchen, but I was keeping my focus on our visit. Our short visit came to and end and my Mom walked us out to our vehicle. I could feel so many eyes on us. But not in a bad way. When we got to the vehicle the energy shifted and my eyes were pulled to the burned down motel. As we gave our hugs and said goodbye, I mentioned to my Mom that I did not like that area. As we drove away I was completely goose bumped. It was almost as if whatever dark entities were there wanted me to turn around and go to the burned down ruble. It attracted nothing good at all. Now you may think that the burned down motel is going to be my focus…well it is not. The lodge is actually what came alive…..


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