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My Spiritual Journey S6-E7 The Wizard of Lady Smith B.C.

I got my girlfriend Stacie over and told her of the bad medicine on my family. Together we came up with a plan. She helped me get all of my supplies together and I had a ritual bath. I called upon all the highest vibrations and Arch Angel Michael. I put in sea salt, patchouli, dragon’s blood resin and rose petals. I laid in the tub speaking and imaging the bad medicine being lifted sending back the curse to whoever sent it dead or alive. I knew when the time was right and I pulled the plug watching it all leave. I then showered and washed all the negative away. After my bath I sat there putting out into the universe what I wanted for my family and I. After I had done this, I thanked everyone who I called upon to join me. Now I did feel more relieved. My Auntie Lil took my Auntie Anita to Camrose that same day and my Anita bought some crystals to help protect her as she was still getting the bad man’s face in her photos. My Auntie Anita was again supposed to be heading back to Cabri but she just could not leave. I received a phone call from my Auntie asking if she could come and spend one more night with me. Of course, I said yes and was more than happy to have the company as Derek had gone back to work up north. Now while both my aunties had been down there was an evening, we had sat around with my mom outside and visited and I started picking up on two family members of ours who had disappeared in 1977. Now some of you may know the tail and may remember the events. If you are too young you will have to google the Wizard of Lady Smith B.C. I started seeing my Great Auntie Margaret (Margaret Katherine McDonald) and her husband Art Williams. I told my mom and Auntie that my Grandma Edna knew they were going to disappear. I saw whispering on the telephone. Art threatening men who worked for him. I saw that he was the man behind the scenes and he had others do his dirty work for him. I saw that even after they had disappeared Art would check in on our family members to update my Auntie Margaret. He felt it was the least he could do as he had her go with him. I saw him going into my Auntie Lil’s house. I asked her, “What the heck does a bowl of macaroni mean?!” My Auntie Lil started laughing. She said “That my bowl of macaroni!” She said that when she had gotten home her bowl of macaroni was gone! I saw while I was channeling this was my uncle Art grabbing a bite to eat while he was checking in. I saw that uncle Art made sure no family members saw him but that he had been in each of our houses. He was checking in for my auntie Margaret and he was hiding things in our houses that non of us even knew about. He would then later retrieve these items without us knowing either. I do remember when I was about six years old living in Bashaw. My mom, dad, brother and I were home and it was night time. A car drove in down our driveway. It turned around and sat idling in front of our burning barrels for a few moments watching us through the patio doors. This night while with my mom and aunties I saw that this was one of my uncle Art’s men checking in on us. I also saw that my uncle had money, papers, plans and artifacts buried in the ground on various properties, some have not been claimed to this day. The events of auntie Margaret and uncle Art’s disappearance have remained a mystery around the world for years. Some believe they died. Although they would be passed on today in 2020, they did not pass away when they disappeared. In my mind’s eye they were in another country living life while keeping tabs on everything in Canada. Visions of my auntie Margaret knowing that she was leaving before she disappeared went through my mind. I saw her leaving clues in her little building detached from her home. I saw clues left in a stone (crystal, glass pieces?) collection she had. I saw spoons. I asked my mom and aunties who had the spoon collection as each spoon had a location on it. My auntie Anita stated that the spoons were divided up amongst the family but there had been one spoon missing. This missing spoon was the location they; auntie Margaret and uncle Art were headed to. I looked at my mom and said, “Auntie Margaret wants to know how you enjoyed the magazines?” In a smiling teasing way, she had her hand beside her mouth as if to whisper it to my mom. My mom then stated they did indeed receive magazines to the house in auntie Margaret’s name. I said I also saw phone calls late at night. My mom confirmed that indeed they received phone calls around 2:00 am in the morning with no one on the other end. I explained that this was my auntie Margaret trying to let them know she was safe and her way of hearing the family’s voices. That night my auntie Anita and I were just going to visit and relax while enjoying each other’s company when all of a sudden, I started channelling. I again was channeling uncle Art and auntie Margaret’s disappearance. We then got the computer out and started researching information on them as every few months there is a new article written on them. We stumbled across a book that had previously been written on their disappearance. This author had various interviews with associates to uncle Art and auntie Margaret. They all have their theories on what happened to the couple. One gentleman claimed that my auntie Margaret was in the well on the property and there were three bodies all together in there. I was for sure not seeing this. I know in my heart and mind’s eye that her and my uncle were overseas living their lives. I felt there was a strong police connection involved. It just so happens the files and details from the police will not be released until I am dead and gone and my children are older adults in the year 2080. I will for sure have to educate our children on this family event and have them listen for the details. For I know a huge scandal will be opened……


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