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My Spiritual Journey S6-E5 The Bad Man Returns, he Never Left

We had a visit with my dad, mom and my auntie Anita and I. We caught up on time lost and had a very pleasant visit. As the evening was coming upon us my dad took our son for a sleep over and our daughter went to bed. My husband, mom, auntie and I sat outside talking. We got to talking about the house Derek and I had lived in with the bad man (the shadow man). I told her I had done a house blessing ware I recognized his energy and just knew that he was not done with me and our paths would cross again. I just didn’t know when. I described the man to my auntie and she was stunned. It was then my auntie then told us she had been at my uncle’s house in Bashaw before she got to our place and felt pulled to a tree. She then felt pulled to take a photo of the tree. She handed me her phone and I could not speak….

I felt light headed. I was sweating. The time had come now. In that moment I knew it was about to begin. In my aunties photo was the face of the bad man in the trees…. How? Why? Why was my family member seeing this in a location forty five minutes away…My mom went home for the evening and my auntie decided she was going to spend the night with Derek and I. When we got into the house, we showed her photos of the old house and of the shadow man. We sat there stunned trying to figure out why she was seeing him. All of a sudden my auntie said, “Oh my God…Crys,,,.” She looked frightened. I asked her what was going on. She then proceeded to tell me that when they were kids, my grandma Edna, grandpa Ken and great grandpa John were sitting around the table playing cards. (The rule in our family is there is absolutely no fighting after midnight when playing cards…I was about to find out why…) It was after midnight at my grandparents’ home and arguing started over the card game. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. My grandma got up and opened the door. A man with a long black jacket and black top hat came in. He walked around the table. When my grandma saw his back, she noticed he had a tail…My grandma grabbed her holly water and threw it at him and he walked out of the house. They tell us that night she let the devil in the house….Derek and I sat there in silence. Could it be? The bad man (shadow man) was the same entity. He was also all in black and wore a top hat… I looked at my auntie and said. “Really?” She then called my aunty Lil and said, Tell Crys why we don’t argue after midnight while playing cards. My aunty Lil said, Because the devil will come a knockin.” My auntie Anita then had my aunty Lil tell us what happened many years ago when they were kids. I was chilled from head to toe.

It was dark and we decided to go outside and have a cigarette. My auntie felt drawn to a tree behind our house and snapped a photo. Well guess what…. the bad man’s face was in the trees in that photo behind our house. I told my auntie not to worry and that our house and property had just been cleansed, blessed and protected and that anything negative could not enter. But we had to figure out why this was happening. I decided I would try and tap into spirit and try to find an answer.

Sitting at our kitchen table I was trying to tap in. All of a sudden, I was yelling at my husband for a pen and paper. I was not conscious of what I was writing. I was in a trance of some type seeing images and writing them down. When I was done, I looked up and my auntie and husband were starring at me speechless, wide eyed and mouths hanging open. This was not the first time I have been able to automatic write but what I saw and heard next left me speechless. My auntie and husband stated I was yelling “In and out, in and out, dirt and grass, dirt and grass. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Six Generations before! Your children’s children! Dark! Walking, walking, walking. In! Out! In! Out! He will follow you!” What I saw in my mind’s eye that I explained to them was my native grandmother six generations before me. She was envied by another native woman. She envied the medicine she practiced, her beauty, the husband she had and her beautiful voice when she sang. This woman did not practice medicine herself but she saw and knew enough that she knew some of the dark practices. She watched my grandmother intently wishing she was her. They were moving camp and walking for days when this envious woman came up behind my grandmother and grabbed her braid. She held a knife to her forehead and said, “Watch your back, I will get you.” She then sliced off my grandmother’s beautiful braid with the knife and walked off ahead of her.

She came into my grandmothers sleeping quarters nightly for three nights chanting over her as she slept while holding my grandmother’s braid over her. She had put bad medicine on my grandmother and the generations to follow. This is what we refer to as the Bad Man. Sadly every person in our family after that generation has lived lives that have been full of tremendous hardships. None of us have had it easy from health, money, death and so on. It has always been an uphill battle if we have survived. Now after all of this I did question a little bit if my visions were correct. But in my heart, I knew it was true. It was heavy but also a twinge of relief as to now we knew why things were happing to our family. That evening was an evening of information revealing, connections and conversations. My husband even did a numerology reading for my auntie. Derek is so talented with his numbers. I felt blessed we could share this all with my auntie. But now that I was aware of what was happening, I knew I had to get it delt with. I was going to have to seek out my friend Stacie’s advice.

The next day though when I saw my mom and we were not around anyone I asked her, “Is it true?” She looked at me and said, “Is what true?” I said, “About playing cards after midnight and arguing?” My mom looked at me and nodded her head. She said, “Yup the devil will come a knockin. My mom answered the door to him.” ……..


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