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My Spiritual Journey S6-E4 Sisters Reunite

The time had come where we were all ready to lay my Brother John and Grandpa Ken’s ashes to rest. We were going to place them in my Grandma Edna’s grave in the Bashaw cemetery. As sad as it was to release them it was also empowering to let them go. We set a date August 11th, 2020 at 11:00am. My family and I felt this emotional moment before the date came and we welcomed the emotional releases.

The day after I contacted the funeral home for my mom and confirmed all was a go. I called her to let her know I received an email back stating it was confirmed. It was then my mom Rose told me she had a dream that previous night of my brother. Now if you have been following me along this far you will know that we do not dream often. If we do it is usually a premonition (not good) or to receive messages. My mom saw my brother smiling his big smile. He was truly happy. He was looking at my mom and said, “I am ready to go mom.” My mom saw he had a huge pink fifth wheel hooked up to a truck and it was loaded with everything he needed to live. My mom said, “John you shouldn’t be driving at night, please be careful.” My brother said, “It’s ok mom. I will stay safe. I am off to Saskatchewan. I am ready to go.” He hugged my mom and she watched him drive off. My mom said it was if she was saying goodbye to him.

This dream had the tears flowing down my face. I was so happy to hear this. I told her that John was visiting her and he was ready to go. We were releasing him and he was packed up ready to move on into his next life. Everything he had loaded in his pink trailer was everything he would need in that next life. And John was happy. He was so happy. It made my heart happy and, in this moment, writing this I am feeling that overwhelming happiness again for him and the tears are flowing. I wish you all the best on your next journey my brother. I know you will be happy. I know you will have a very happy life; you will have a family and children of your own. I will still continue to send you Reiki into your next journey. You will always have me sending you positive thoughts and energy without even knowing it. That is the special gift I can give to you; I am always with you my brother. (With writing this I just looked at my husband and stated, what if when John is older in his next life and if he goes to a medium and they pick up on a woman in the spiritual world sending him positivity and Reiki…that woman would be me in his next life! Wow. Some heavy thinking there!)

My mom then told me she had a phone call with my aunty Anita and when my brother had been visiting her in Saskatchewan, he told her he would love to get a trailer and park it in the hills in Cabri Saskatchewan and live out there. Well what are the odds that in my mom’s dream John was driving his trailer to Saskatchewan! That whole day after getting off the phone with my mom we had a lot of activity in our house. John was strong and letting us know he was here and playing tricks on us. I acknowledged him, talked and laughed with him and took in every moment of knowing he was here before his journey started. Even though he is moving onto a new journey his residual energy of his spirit remains and I continue to talk to him.

The weekend came and it brought my aunty Lil and Auntie Anita to Millet. It has been over 10 years that we were all together, it was a lovely reunion with many memories made. Unforgettable memories. This is whare my mediumship was finally opened up to my side of the family. It was beautiful and we took full advantage of the messages. And as long as I was channelling, I kept talking. This led many nights of staying up until 2:00am channeling while my aunty Anita and my husband Derek wrote what I was saying.

The first night it happened we were at my mom’s place. It was my mom, Aunty Anita, and I. I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden, my hands were cramped and curled and my legs were lifted. I was feeling so much pain in my hands and feet. I heard a song being sang. I saw spoons being played on someone’s knee. Finally, it happened. It was my Grandma Edna. I was feeling her rheumatoid arthritis, I was hearing her voice. She was singing. An image flashed through my mind’s eye. Her and my grandpa Ken were singing together. I could hear, “On the banks, of the river stood runnin’ bear, young Indian brave….” My mom and my aunty immediately started reminiscing about how my grandma and grandpa would sing in the evenings. That just happened to be one of the songs. Then I heard another song, “See the rain comin down and the roof won’t hold er’. Lost my job and I feel a little older. Car won’t run and our loves grown colder. But maybe things’ll get a little better, in the morning’. Maybe things’ll get a little better. Work your fingers to the bone and whadda ya get? Boney Fingers…boney fingers.” Another song they sang together. This was such a beautiful moment for me. I had tried for over a year to connect with my family and it was finally happening during this special time. Our family members were being laid to rest and reunited with passed loved ones and our family here on this earth was together in this moment. I will never forget this day. This was also the very first time my mom actually saw me in action not just talking about it. This was one of the biggest gifts I could give her that no money could buy. How beautiful was this!

Grandma and Grandpa were showing all sorts of stories. Aunty Anita got in trouble for wearing nail polish. My mom made some horrible soup she made the kids eat. My mom and uncle Butch and Grandma had a bear encounter at their home. My one uncle had a blue jeep and got it stuck in water. I saw my mom’s blue car. My Aunty Anita in a too short of dress. My Aunty Roxanne with her bike. My Auntie Anita with pig tails. My mom in trouble for throwing rocks at a window. My mom hauling water and being afraid of a harmless local man in their community. My other uncle getting caught on a barbed wire fence…. the stories were endless. And the best part was watching and listening to my mom and my auntie reminisce. I was honoured I could have them re live these moments. The best part was this was before I was even thought of, way before my time and it was as if I was there with them.


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