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My Spiritual Journey S6-E3 The Energy was Familiar and Recognized me

A lady in town reached out to me asking if I could come to her house, cleanse it and do a card reading for her. I was absolutely up to do this! I was very excited and thought if I can help someone else clear their home of residual negative energy and have a peaceful environment then I would do it!

My husband decided he was going to do his numerology on the house address the night before. What the numbers told him were that there was a lot of activity on that particular street and home. The house was perfect for a single person dwelling and if there was a family living there then extra work would be needed from the individuals in the home to work together and not have selfish needs to make it a peaceful environment. This ended up being the case. The numbers had been absolutely right. The morning of the cleansing I felt a little off. Every time I tried to gather my supplies I would either forget what I was going to grab, come upstairs with the wrong item and items began disappearing! I could not figure out what the heck was going on. It was if I was in a fog. Come the afternoon I told Derek I could not understand why I was having such a hard time getting my items together. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got immediate shivers over my body. My head became pressured, my ears were popping like crazy and I was dizzy. I knew this energy…I was familiar with it but from ware? Finally, about an hour before I was to leave for my appointment, I had finally grabbed all of my supplies. I sat at my kitchen table taking several deep breaths to calm what I felt was an anxiety attack coming on. I called upon all of my angels of the highest vibrations, guardian angels of the highest vibration, my spirit guides of the highest vibration, my reiki guides of the highest vibration and my masters before me to come down and surround me in their white protective light. To keep me guided, grounded, guarded and protected. In that instant it was like a warm wave of calmness covering me from head to toe. I was ready. I was protected and I was on my way to cleanse and bless this home. As I pulled up to the location, I realized it was only a couple blocks from the house I had lived in with the dark entities…. how interesting. As I stepped out of my vehicle, I instantly knew…I knew this energy and it knew me. But it was not as strong as I had remembered. It was not fully grown yet. I took a step forward towards the house ready to face what was waiting for me. As I knocked on the door of the client’s house, I was greeted by a young woman who I could tell did not really know what to expect from me. I took a few deep breaths and turned around in a circle in the living room. I was instantly drawn down the hallway. It felt dark and as if chaos was moving around the halls towards the back bedroom. I looked at the lady and said, “Woah…what’s down there? What happens down that hall in that room?” She stated that the arguments usually happened in there. I went over the numerology reading for the house address and she confirmed all that was associated to the numbers was what was happening in the environment of their home. We then headed downstairs and I began my cleansing. All was going well with my client following behind me. Then we got to the dark space under the stairs. It was if someone was bending their finger at me making a come forward gesture and in my minds eye I saw the dark shadowed man I was familiar with, say in a hissy voice. “Come here!” Well I dove in alright! I went right at him with my sage demanding the negative energy to leave. All of a sudden, there was a bang on the ceiling above us. My client jumped with eyes wide open. I continued on cleansing the basement not even acknowledging the negative presence I had just encountered and showed no fear. We moved on up to the ground level into the children’s rooms and I instantly picked up that she needed to claim one of her child’s rooms after it was cleansed. I then went into the client’s bedroom and instantly felt the darkness and chaos. And just as in the previous house I had lived in, this dark entity was feeding and growing off of all the negativity happening in the environment. I took extra time cleansing the bedroom and then moved on out into the living room. I demanded all the remaining negative energy to leave and then blessed the house. After the house was blessed the client and I then went outside for a cigarette. It was dark by this time. I stepped out before my client and noticed that as soon as I got outside the street lamp down the street went out…. (how bizarre. I picked up that the energy was familiar to the Bad Man and after I had left that house the street lamp would continually go out as I would pass by it). Just then my husband Derek texted me. Now this energy was familiar with Derek’s energy as well as he was with me in the old house. So I tried a little experiment. If this energy was for sure the same energy it would play with me. SO as the client stepped out behind me and lit her cigarette, I motioned towards the street lamp. I told her it went out as soon as I stepped outside. I then said, “Watch. I just received a text from my husband. As soon as I open his message the street lamp will turn back on.” My client kind of chuckled but kind of took me seriously. She was curious to see what was about to happen. Well just as I opened that message from Derek BOOM! The street lamp turned on. My client jumped and screamed, “You Creep!” She was absolutely freaked out.

When we returned to the inside of the house, we immediately felt the house felt calmer, brighter and like a home. Not dark and anxiety ridden. I then treated my client to a card reading as was able to receive messages from her grandmother and an older gentleman who knew her from the time she was a child. My client was happy. She was relaxed and feeling positive. As we said our goodbye I stepped outside and noticed the street lamp went out again. It was in that moment. That exact moment that I knew I was not done with the Bad Man, and that our paths would cross again…I will say though I did not expect it to happen as soon as it did…...


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