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My Spiritual Journey S6-E1 Reiki Beyond our Realm

I worked hard and continued studying and practicing my Reiki training with Timmie. I was successful and received my Reiki Master Teacher. I am now fully trained to certify others in Reiki and train them into becoming Reiki Master Teachers. I still love giving in person and distant sessions to family, friend and clients. I have also enjoyed giving card readings to others. I have found that when I do my card readings is when most of my spiritual messages come through and my mediumship is heightened. Its really amazing how one can tap into another. I have a couple girlfriends I will randomly message and I will say, “spill it, or so who is the guy you met.” They know you cannot pull the wool over my eyes haha. I want to take to you to a special moment. May 21, 2020 is a night I will always remember, it was my first experience sending Reiki to a client's passed loved one. All I can say is I have never felt such peace, calm and happiness. Usually when I do a session, I see the energy colors drop down into my client. Tonight, sending that energy to the passed loved one I saw those energy colors go upwards. The most clear and intense indigo blue, white and green. It was like staring into the Universe. It made me emotional feeling how much love and peace was felt. Later that night I sent Reiki to my brother John. Again, the calmest peace and happiness I have ever felt. I saw thousands of crystals in the most intense green going upward with the intense Indigo blue and white. I was then staring into calm purplish blueish grey sky with the odd cloud. I was so warm and happy and at peace. I saw two people looking down on me. I knew one of them for sure was my brother. I then saw a door and was moving so fast towards it to open it. Man did I ever want to open it and see what was on the other side but just as fast as it appeared it was gone again and I was staring into the beautiful sky. My Guides were telling me I wasn't ready quite yet to see that information yet. My heart was so happy after these two sessions. I have never felt such calmness and peacefulness. Sending Reiki to passed loved ones, friends, Angel's, Guides and Reiki Master's before us is one of the most beautiful gifts you can share. Knowing what I felt reminded me that when those go on before us, they feel no pain. They are at complete calmness, peace and full happiness and love. Now I am a firm believer in spells, concoctions, manifestation, mantras and affirmations. Because the universe is always listening. So whatever intent or phrase you say is like a spell. Someone I know was having issues with someone else. I told her, “put her in the freezer.” (now if you’re a little on the witchy side like me you will understand this). She did this and the person immediately stopped bothering her. This same person messaged me last night and asked for a friend, “We can freeze people. Now how can we keep people in our lives from dying?” My heart broke at this question. I wish there was a way to keep loved ones on this earth, but in reality, it is our selfishness as human beings that want to keep our loved ones here on this earth. Seeing that there is so much peace, beauty and love on the other side gives me a little more comfort on letting our loved ones go when their time here on earth is done. (This is my own personal belief. Everyone is welcome to their own belief). The main thing to realize though is that just because they are done here on earth does not mean they are gone for our lives forever. They are always around us. Even when they are ready to live their next life their residual energy and spirit will always be with us and we can always communicate with them. Getting some of my family members on board for distant sessions was a challenge. We often fear what we do not understand. That is completely acceptable and understandable. My mom and I continually encouraged my auntie Roxy to try a session. Finally, she gave in. She felt warmth, sensations and at one point swore her bed moved. Teasing her I said she should have looked under the bed. Ha ha she was scared I would have jumped out at her from under the bed! She slept amazing that night and could not believe how wonderful the session worked. Really it is the same as anything else in this life. If you believe something will not work and are close minded than it will not. But if you are opened minded and are open to receive it is amazing what can happen. My auntie Roxy continues to have her distance sessions and continues to feel the energy working through her. This session leads me to give another family member a session and a beautiful conversation with his diseased father. So much peace, happiness, reassurance and sleep were finally brought to this individual. I will explain it all in the next chapter. It’s a real story with real people confirming that our loved ones never leave us.


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