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My Spiritual Journey S5-E7 Moon is Shining – Giizhigate

I continued on with my Reiki journey and received my level two certificate. With this you also learn how to give distant healing. Knowing that I could receive an attunement through distance made me believe even more that a Reiki session through distance could be beneficial as well. Again, it was another beautiful experience being attuned to the level II symbols. I felt instant calmness. Instant happiness and I could feel the energy flowing through my body. Having my vibrational level raised once again, we were about to find out though that my distance sessions were sometimes more powerful than my in-person sessions.

Derek was very skeptical on how a distant session could work. I was as well eager to try and see if it had effects on people. So, I called up my Uncle Butch who had a bad back, I called up my mom who was working in camp and suffering from PBC and I called up my girl friend Crystal Mackey. Well what do you know. They all felt better and some saw colors and had sensations. Was it just in their minds though…? I had a girlfriend Courtney Boone who called me up for a session. I picked some Distant Reiki music and sent it to her. I told her when to push play as I would be listening at the same time. I told her to get comfy, relax, light a white candle if she likes, focus on her breathing and just to be open to receive. It was intense! I saw Violet, green, white and indigo blue. I felt nauseated while working on her back. But I also felt the energy flow to her from my hands. My hands were burning hot. In my mind when I was done, I flipped her up in the air and wrote my symbols on her front, back, sides, feet and head. I then lowered her down and grounded her. After the session I called Courtney and she was so blown away. You see she suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia. That is why I felt nauseated on her back. She explained that it was if I was right in the room with her during our session. She saw the same colors and then told me it felt like she was levitating! I told her I had literally flipped her up in the air in my mind so I could draw my Reiki symbols on her. Now Courtney is very in tune and has had experiences of her own, but wow it is amazing when two people are on the same vibrational level at the same time connecting. Derek was blown away. With each phone call he was more and more blown away with how the client’s sessions matched up with my experiences. He was now a believer.

It was not until I received my level II that I started charging. I gave all of my sessions for free and accepted donations. When I went back and counted, I had given well over 60 free sessions. This was an amazing way to practice and learn what works for me and my clients during their sessions. One of my biggest supporters outside of my close family and friends was my neighbor Raquel Morrisseau. She had come to me while I was practicing and continually said I was strong that my medicine was strong. She advertised the shit out of Altar Yourself. I am still thankful for her belief in me and her support. Thank you, Raquel, for everything!!! She then had a family member come down from Winnipeg after I started charging. Her Family member Daniella Peltier wanted to try a session. I decided to give her two nights of sessions in exchange for knowledge. You see she is a Sundancer. What an honor for me to have her come to me to do healing energy on her. In case you are not familiar with the Sundance. It is a sacred and long-time honored ceremony by the Indigenous people. The community comes together to pray for healing and people make personal sacrifices on behalf of those community members. Until you have ever participated or attended one you cannot begin to understand the sacredness of it. For two nights we worked on healing and then sat for hours talking. I learned so much from this sacred woman that the whole experience has stayed etched in my brain and she left an imprint on my heart. She and I experienced visions, colors and sensations. She then heard two babies crying. Not crying in distress but just crying in the next room. That was when she had asked me if I had lost two babies. I was stunned and touched all at the same time. When she called me the next day, she told me to buy two purple infant sleepers and gift them to someone with babies to honor our babies we had lost. Our babies. They are often on my mind. How old they would be today, what they would look like and what kind of personalities they would have…. I know we will meet someday in the future and I will embrace them with so much love.

The interesting part of this experience is, remember when talked about my encounter with the dark witch? Well she had mentioned that a wolf was my spirit animal and stood behind and above me. My mom then purchased me wolf items to have in my home to honor the wolf. Well Daniella also saw a wolf with me. Then the memory takes me back to the beginning. Was the wolf I encountered in Bashaw my spirit animal protecting me? It is amazing how things come full circle isn’t it. When Daniella left her last night, she saw two white bunnies leaving my driveway as she left. My guides were here with us that night.

When Daniella left, I gave her tobacco for an offering. She was going to go back to Winnipeg and meet with a dear friend of hers who is an elder. This elder gave me my Spirit Name, “Moon is Shining – Giizhigate” in Ojibway. What a beautiful name. A name that resonates with every cell in my body. For anyone who has followed me from before Altar Yourself will know that my Instagram name is “Lover of Moons”, I had chosen that name before I received my Spirit Name. I am honored to carry my Spirit Name. I am honored to be a Metis Woman. I am honored to touch base with my ancestral roots and to continue the healing work. It is in my bloodline. Thank you, Daniella, for an experience that no amount of money could ever buy. It truly was an honor to work with you and to learn from you. You my friend have a memorable place in my heart. I know our journey together is not over and I look forward to the future with you.

I have many more experiences to share with you through my Reiki journey with client experiences, loved ones coming through for clients, getting in touch with my loved ones, going down the rabbit hole of the Wizard of Lady Smith B.C. (my Auntie Margaret and Uncle Art Williams) and so much more. If you have stayed with me thus far, I want to personally thank you for joining me on my journey. Stay tuned for next season and beyond where I find out my writing during sessions is called Automatic Writing, I dig into my Akashic records, I go back six generations of seeing a curse put on my family, the Bad Man returns, house blessings and so much more!


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