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My Spiritual Journey S5-E6 The Spiritual Door is Opened

I continued practicing on my family and working on my self-healing. The meditation sessions had become intense and addicting. Derek has always been pulled to Shamanism. We decided to try some Shaman Guided Meditation Journeys. The first night we were laying in bed and he played that music I was thrown into a completely different state. The beat of the drums pulled me further and further into a beautiful forest. My goal was to meet my Spirit Guides and to find out what they needed me to know. I could feel the drums beating through my entire body. I was full of energy and excitement.

I was looking around and I was standing in the most beautiful green forest. The colors were so vibrant. Yellows, greens, browns, blues, just every color imaginable. The sun was warm but not to hot casting a beautiful golden glow throughout the forest. I continued looking around feeling as if someone was watching me. A beautiful black, green, purple and orange butterfly about the size of my palm started fluttering in front of my face. It was trying to grab my attention. I began following it. I was looking out of my eyes but at the same time I could see myself walking through the forest from above. The water was still in the pond in the forest with green Lilly pads on top of it. I was walking down a packed light brown dirt path. There was a bench up ahead. I sat down and I waited. The butterfly flew away from me. I sat with my face towards the sun feeling the warm rays pour onto my face energizing me. I got a sense that whoever I felt was watching me was closer. I opened my eyes and out of the corner of my left eye in the forest I saw a shadow move in the trees. I was not frightened. I knew the shadow was for me and it was safe. I closed my eyes again and heard their chirping of birds all around me. It was so beautiful. I sensed someone on my right. I opened my eyes and sitting beside me on the bench was a man from what I sensed. Wearing a red hooded robe. He had a rope on for a belt. I could not see his feet as the robe went to the ground. He had a black sash over his shoulder that had a black bag attached to it. Almost velvet looking. I did not speak to him. He did not speak to me. We just sat in silence together. I knew this was my guide and I would wait patiently to be told or shown what I needed to know. There was a sense of comfort, safety, calmness and peace sitting there beside him on the bench in the beautiful forest. I closed my eyes again and tilted my head towards the warm sun again and listened to the birds. All of my senses were heightened and I was in total bliss in that moment.

A few moments later I heard the beat of a drum in the distance. It was becoming louder and louder, faster and faster. I felt a sudden urge to stand up. I turned towards my guide and he was already gone. The drums were pulling me back home to my physical body. I turned towards the direction I came in and started walking down the path. Quickening my steps to the quickening of the drums. I was jogging now feeling the wind whip around my body, feeling my hair swirl around my face, watching the sun darken and disappear. The next thing I knew I was lying in my bed awake. I laid there with a smile on my face. I rolled over towards Derek. He was sound asleep. I woke him up and asked him to turn off the guided journey. I laid back down and fell into a peaceful sleep.

I told Derek of my experience the next morning recalling the beauty of the forest, the safe feeling I had of my guide beside me and how I felt this crazy intense urge to get back out to the forest when I heard the drums calling me back. A few nights later we tried another guided journey. My intention was the same, to meet my guides. This time as I was listening to the words and the music in the meditation, I started floating upwards. Up high above the clouds. I was brought Infront of three people. All who I knew were my Spirit Guides. On the left was the man in the hood and robe again. He was still carrying his velvet bag attached to his sash. In the middle was a beautiful native woman in a buck skin dress, beautiful long back hair with a braid on each side and on the right an elder woman with greyish white wavy hair so long it was below her waist. She wore it in loose pony tail over her shoulder. She wore a baggy grey knitted button up sweater and stood short. She had a long brown cane that her hand rested upon. I asked them what it was they needed me to know. No one spoke but the man in the long robe and hood reached into his black velvet bag and handed me a white ball. At first glance I thought it was a crystal ball. Then he held it up motioning to look closer. On top was a golden knob. He touched it and it dropped open showing gold edges on each piece on the inside. It began to spin and the spinning produced a beautiful white light radiating out of it. I knew this was a gift to use while practicing Reiki on others. It clued into me. This was my Reiki Guide! I thanked him and took the ball from him. The native woman brought her hands to head and then had me hold out my hands palms up. She then placed her palms on top of my palms. She gave the gift of wisdom and connection to the spirit side. I thanked her and turned to the elder woman. She gave me a bouquet of flowers, weeds and herbs. The gift of medicine. I thanked her and then in return gave the gift of Reiki back to each one of my guides. When I was finished each one put their hands together and nodded their heads to me. I did the same as if to say thank you and good bye. I then felt myself floating downwards again through the clouds through black space almost as if I was in the galaxy and then realized I was lying in bed. Again, I had a smile upon my face and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

In the morning I was excited to use my new gift during my Reiki session that evening. I found that yes, the Reiki sessions became more intense and my clients began seeing more images, feeling more sensations and more beautiful colors. This is now a practice I incorporate into every session. That very night though is when the images and voices started non stop as soon as I laid down for bed. They came at me all at once. Names of people were popping into my head left and right. I sat up and opened my eyes as fast as I could. These people were here to talk to me. But I did not know how to take control of the situation. It was overwhelming. I took a deep breath and laid back down closing my eyes to focus. I asked, “One at a time please.” They all grew silent and just stood there staring at me. One at a time they stepped forward; “Ruby, Dale, Ingrid, Stephanie, Steven, Lucia.” I asked them to stop. I acknowledged those who had stepped forward. I then asked why they were coming to me. “Ruby spoke, “You can help.” I asked if they were trying to send messages or were stuck. Some had messages and some were stuck. That night I heard their stories of passing. I then told some they were forgiven and it was okay to cross over. I told some they had to acknowledge that they were passed over. For those stuck I guided them over. Now I know this must sound like I am a lunatic. Saying she is wacko and crazy. That is okay. Those who believe and have experienced it will understand. Those who have not that is okay. You are each entitled to your opinion. But this is my story and my journey. This was just the beginning of passing on messages from passed loved ones. Today I am still working on trying to differentiate who is for my client and who is coming to talk to just me. Sometimes spirit is persistent and the same one will continue to pop up in several different client’s sessions until I have private acknowledgement to them. The biggest heart break and frustration for me though was that I was not connecting with my own family members. I tried for months. That would all change the week my Aunties came to stay with us. It is a week we will all never forget.


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