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My Spiritual Journey S5-E4 There is a Man Behind my Chair

My mom and dad knew me so well. They knew I was tied into my Ancestral roots. They knew I was spiritual and they knew I was expanding. For my birthday my parent gifted me a beautiful feather set for smudging, white sage, sweetgrass, a wishing pyramid and a book called, The Smudging and Blessing Book, Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal by Jane Alexander. Now with our ancestral routes smudging and burning of sage, sweetgrass and cedar was a common event in our household. These items gifted to me were so much more than money could buy. They would be put to good use over the year.

Now you know that we always had spirit visitors in and out of home and that they attach to us out in the community and come home with us for help. Well not all the time though were these spirits kind either. Both of our children are open and gifted but our daughter was a baby at the time and my son was old enough to tell us what was going on when he saw something we did not experience. Our son started having bad dreams and hated sleeping in his room. We continually smudged but sometimes it was not enough. One night while he was in his bed with his door closed, he saw a man walk from our hallway and walk through his bedroom door. He looked at our son and continued walking through his room and walked through his wall to the outside. He never bothered our son nor did our son fear him. This happened often in our son’s bedroom. As the sleepless nights continued because the spirits would wake him up, I reached out to someone asking for guidance on what to do. They recommended cleansing the house and then his room. Then to claim his room. So, I became Mamma Bear for our Baby Bear and grabbed my smudge. I was forceful in that room. I had our son come with me and be forceful but kind as well. I asked what our son wanted. He stated that the bad, mean and scary spirits were not allowed in his room and that the good spirits could come in at anytime but if he was sleeping to not wake him up. Forcefully while smudging the door, room and windows I told the bad spirits that they were never allowed in my son’s room and this was his room. I told the good spirits they were allowed to enter at anytime but if my son was sleeping, they were not allowed to wake him. I then hung my rosary in his bedroom window claiming his room. Guess what? My son had peaceful sleeps in his room thereafter. As my son got a little older, he decided he wanted to move his bedroom down stairs. I questioned it thinking he was still a little too young but hey if it did not work, we could move him back upstairs. I smudged his new room as he got settled in. My husband started feeling odd energy shifts in the house. The lights flickering a lot and catching shadows and movements out of the corners of our eyes. We knew something was stirred up and needed to be taken care of. One particular evening we heard our son screaming for both Derek and I. We ran down the stairs as fast as we could. We opened his bedroom door and he sat there petrified with the blankets up to his chin. We asked him what was wrong and he pointed to his child size recliner in the corner and said, “There is a man behind my chair and he won’t leave, I asked him to leave and he won’t.” My skin goose bumped and crawled with the feeling of bugs on it. I knew this man was up to no good. In my mind’s eye I saw a man standing with his back to us standing in the corner. I told him to get out of our son’s room that he was not welcome here. He then turned around, crouched down and poked his head above the chair. I again was forceful and told him to get out! He stood up and walked out of our son’s room. I called out to him on his way out stating that he was not aloud to enter this room again! We then grabbed the sage. I blessed our son’s room, hung the rosary in the window and claimed his room once again. Our son then asked to come and sleep in our room for the night. Our son only lasted a couple weeks in his room down stairs. He was still to young. So we moved his belongings back into his upstairs bedroom. A few nights later as Derek and I were walking downstairs I saw this same man sitting on the five-gallon bucket at the bottom of the stairs. He was wearing beige overalls over a long-sleeved jean shirt. He had brown hair and was feeling sorry for disrupting our family and feeling sorry for himself. He was stuck and seeking help. I told him he was forgiven and guided him to the light. Poof, he was gone and crossed over. Another evening we were sitting in the living room and I kept getting the sense that a woman was in the house. Every time I went into the kitchen, I was catching glimpses of her. Long brown wavy hair and a white long-sleeved dress. It was if she was trying to catch my attention. I called out to Derek who was in the living room and told him I kept seeing this woman. Then I heard a thump in the hallway by the bathroom. I got up and went to it. Well oh my gosh there was water flooding our hallways. Our washing machine for some reason had water draining down the hall. The woman was trying to catch my attention about the water and I did thank her as she saved us getting water damage. Our son wanted a ghost box for his birthday. If you are not familiar with this, it is a box that has multiple radio frequencies that spirits can pick individual words or group of words from each frequency to speak to us. Derek and I found various apps for a phone and thought if we could find a good one, we would put it on an old phone of ours for our son. I don’t know how many we tried but we found one that seemed to work quiet well. So, Derek decided to take it out to garage and ask our man in there a few questions. After a while he came back in and played it back on our sound bar. It was pretty quiet with responses until Derek asked him if he was the gentleman that passed away there. After about thirty seconds we heard clear as day, “Yeeessssss.” We knew we had to get this kind man moved on. One night in particular was petrifying for me. Derek was gone to work and the kids were at sleep overs with grandpa Tom and grandma Rose. Our dog George was in her kennel. I woke up to a frightening deep growl in my ear and I could not move. I was paralyzed. I was so frightened. I gathered every single ounce of strength in me and screamed out “Get out!” Instantly I could move again. This frightened me to my core as I had recalled Derek telling me of a similar situation when he was a child. He wok up paralyzed with someone on top of him pushing him down and he could see the imprints in his chest. When he was released, he ran upstairs to his mom and told her. She explained the same thing had happened to her the night prior but she didn’t want to say anything and frighten the kids. Anyways after that night our dog George slept on the foot of our bed. Our house is cleansed often especially with the energy work I do. But we also have the perimeter of our property protected so nothing dark can cross through. I tell you it was a sight for my neighbors to see me salting my sidewalk and yard in the middle of winter with Derek and the kids in tow hahaha. Now also please understand it is not the house that is “haunted”. It is us as a family they attach to for help. There are many other experiences but I will share those in future blogs as they relate to situations I will be telling. Some will make your skin crawl. And some will bring you to beautiful tears of pure bliss and love. It has taken a lot for me to share my experiences. I know some will judge me while others will be able to relate. But you know what….it is my journey and my families. A little older and wiser now I have come to not care about what others think. I am who I am and you either like me or you don’t. All I can do is be kind to others, show love to my family and friends and be my true authentic self. And guess what? I am loving who I am. And I am loving helping others. I have gained some very strong bonds with others and I have loved watching others grow into their true authentic selves as well. Most of all I am carrying on the healing in my family and holding my head high as my mother and father have taught me.


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