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My Spiritual Journey S4-E5 New Adventures

Time moved on. We moved into an apartment the three of us. Derek proposed to me in the fire Hall in the back of pump one. Derek, my son, my parents and I were over the moon with happiness. We became pregnant with baby number two and had a miscarriage shortly after that. As hard as it was, I know in my heart it was not the right time for that soul to be in this world. My son continued to have spiritual experiences and dreams. Derek and I always left this line of communication open with him. He also knew grandpa Tom and grandma Rose were a safe place to discuss these events as well. We then became pregnant with baby number three! A baby girl. We got married in our living room as we were saving to purchase a house. Just a small ceremony with my parents, Derek’s parents, my son was Derek’s best man, me and our baby in my belly. We had discussed adoption for the longest time. My mom found an article in a news talk paper for Small Miracles Adoption Agency. They were amazing. Now this means Anthony had to be contacted. All of these fears and emotions flooded me giving me panic attacks and nightmares. I was petrified that he would fight for some sort of custody. Even though I had moved I did encourage visitation with a third party and he had to be clear of drugs and alcohol for at least twenty-four hours prior but he never even attempted a visit. He just abandoned the thought of my son’s existence. He did contact me twice in the time before then. It was not long after my cousin’s wedding in Kamloops. I had flown out to Kelowna to see Anthony’s dad and have him meet my son. The hour I walked through the door back home my phone was blowing up with texts and calls from him and his oldest brother asking how much money did I get from their dad, how much money will he give me, and some not so pleasant words. I of course refused any money from my son’s grandpa because I was not that way. I wanted to do it on my own and it was not his responsibility as a grandpa to pay. Anyways the calls and texts continued until two in the morning. I finally had to call the police and tell them of the harassment. I had to give them my phone log and they were to contact the two boys. They then told me to change my telephone number. The other time I heard from Anthony (before the harassment) was when child support finally kicked in (after two years). They took out two five hundred-dollar payments. He was fuming and I received a very nasty phone call. Oh, and it was on my birthday! He sure knew how to make my special days special haha. Anyways he went to maintenance enforcement and got his payments down to around one hundred and fifty dollars a month…yeah that covered a lot in his eyes…. He was so far in arears at this point he would just go in further. The adoption agency tried to get a hold of Anthony several times. Finally, his work receptionist put him through. He stated he would have to discuss it with his wife about letting his rights go. We never did hear back from him, even after the adoption agency called again and again. Finally, they spoke to the court and they wanted an affidavit from me on my events with Anthony. The adoption agency said this would be hard to prove as it was a couple years ago. I pulled out my book of events that I had logged. It saved us all a lot of hardship. The events were so bad that the Queens Bench pushed it through to the Judge and the Judge signed off on his rights. It was official. Derek was officially my son’s |Daddy, “Daddy Derek,” as OUR son called him. Every year we celebrate that special day just as if it were a birthday. The day came July 8th, 2015. We welcomed our baby girl into the world via planned c-section. Our son stayed with my parents and they all came to see us. I never saw such happiness in our son’s eyes. That was his baby. His baby sister. This time around was so different. Derek cooked, cleaned, took care of our son and let me sleep through the whole night on many occasions and strived at being the best husband and father he could be. He was amazing in every aspect. We were all so blessed to have found each other. This is why I believe if I had not gone through my hardships, I would not have had our son and met Derek. Now that our little family was complete the day came to purchase our very first home. Within six months of penny pinching we saved our down payment. We searched and searched and finally I saw it. The house I had been in love with since I was in junior high. It was a two story, the stucco was baby blue with ten rectangular windows in the front, a very long driveway and so much sunlight throughout the house. It was a happy home. We had to have it. We put in our offer and we were approved. Our son was so excited he screamed, “We got the house! We got the house!” We moved in and we could not be happier. This was our home as a family. My time in this home would see us through many changing times in our lives. Our home also had a visitor. Out of due respect to his family I will keep details short. As he was not the only visitor we would receive. This beautiful home had a history before we moved in. A very kind man passed away here. He was still looking for his wife and children. We have spoken with this gentleman and we will be moving him over shortly with the help of my two close girlfriends. Now keep in mind this gentleman never bothered us. Any events in this home were not caused by him. In this home all of us had our vibrational levels heightened and we were more sensitive to spirit, their messages and our gifts were opened wider. This home would bring us great spiritual beginnings. It began with Derek and I lying in bed one evening. The washroom was adjoined to our bedroom. All of a sudden, I heard the buttons on the the drier being pushed…beep, beep, beep, beep, woosh the dryer started! I froze. I said, “Derek are you awake?!” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Is that the drier?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Why did it just turn on?” He said, “I don’t know,” with an awkward silence after. I said, “Well turn it off!” He said, “Why do I have to?!” Ha-ha we laugh about it now. My brave husband got up and turned off the drier. He came back to bed and we lied there in silence not knowing what to say. About three minutes later we hear the buttons on the drier being pushed again, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, woosh, it started again.


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