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My Spiritual Journey S4-E3 The Entities Reveal Themselves

Derek and I sat on the couch looking for a new place for my son and I. We were not having much luck and at his time I had yet to tell anyone what was going on. I was just so afraid of being labelled crazy and someone taking my son from me. We were talking about how thankful we were that my parents were so involved and always had my son over so he was not exposed to the whatever was in the house all the time. That’s when it happened…

The hair on the back of our necks was standing on end, we were completely goose bumped and Derek turned towards the kitchen window. There in the window was an image. We both ran to the window and pulled the blind all the way up as fast as we could. Even after opening the blind there it was staring right at us. When you see something like this in a photo or the corner of your eye, one still feels little skeptical. But when it’s right there staring at you straight on and three feet away from your face is when it truly becomes the real-life nightmare. We both snapped pictures at what we were seeing. Just as we took those photos it was like a bomb went off in the house! There was a loud BOOM! The house shook and everything in it! Then there was complete silence and the image was gone from the window. Derek ran and unlocked the back door and ran outside to see if there was a reflection of anything that could have made that image, wanting eagerly to be able to discredit what we had just seen. There was nothing. The window was about nine feet off the ground and faced the neighbours wall and the street lamp was out.

We came back into the house speechless. We locked the deadbolt on the back door and sat on the couch. I was so scared to open our phones. We opened our photos and there in the picture was a huge face in the center. It almost resembled the skull of a monkey, and within that face and around it there were several other entity’s faces. On both of our phones. Just then we heard the back-dead bolt unlock and lock again. Derek decided we should take more photos. This was the only way someone would believe us. I went into the kitchen and started snapping photos. Derek did the same. When we looked at the photos, we saw the bad man again. There in the room my son would not sleep in it showed him greyish brown. His huge face poking out around the door way at me. The huge snout on his face was so disturbing. We decided that’s it, we are out. I called the lady who had previously lived there. She said my son and I could move into her basement until found a place. Thank goodness. I knew I could always go back to my parents but I wanted to once again do it on my own. I know now though this experience was needed to happen. I needed to know what was out there for my future journeys so I could protect myself and my family.

The next day was quiet. No events. This seemed odd. My son and I were starting to pack up items. Just then were heard his potty singing. (This potty would randomly start singing during the days and nights. It needed something wet to hit the sensors in order to sing) We walked over to the potty that was sitting in the washroom. My son said, “Look mommy it’s using the potty.” The hair on my body stood up every ware. I whipped out my phone and started taking pictures in the bathroom. I got my son settled with a snack and a show on tv. I sat down and gained the courage to open my phone. There I saw in one photo was a little boy holding a teddy bear standing side ways in the bathroom. In the next photo the little boy was looking directly at me. He had sharp pointy teeth and pointy ears like a cat would have. I instantly sent the photos to my mom who was working in camp. She asked where this was. I told her my house and we were moving. She said she had showed the photos to one of the guys at he table and he got up instantly disturbed and left to his room calling back,” She needs to get the hell out of that house now!”

It was then I started telling my mom what had been going on. I then printed some photos and took them over to my dads and told him what was happening. He asked why I had never told anyone. I explained I was scared and everyone would think I was crazy and I would lose my son, but that I now had the proof I needed. My dad then started telling about a house he lived in when he was engaged to my mom and some of the events that happened there. I was shocked as my dad never spoke of spirits or ghosts. I was feeling more relieved now. I knew I had the proof and I knew I had the support and without them thinking I was crazy. I then sent my pictures to my best girlfriend Crystal Mackey. I sent the photo of the little boy holding the teddy bear. She sent a sad crying face emoji back. I then sent her the photo of him looking at me with the sharp teeth and pointy ears. She called me immediately and I told her everything. That would be the last night we ever slept in that house….and the first time Crystal became a believer in bad spirits and entities.

The next morning, I was getting ready for work. My son was sitting at his little Ikea table eating his cereal watching a cartoon before we left. He was still in his pull up not dressed. All of a sudden, he started screaming and crying out of fear. I turned around and there in the entertainment stand window there was the bad man with his mouth open wide screaming with no sound coming out. My son was thrown backwards in his chair and fell on the ground. He was screaming and crying. I ran to him as fast as I could. I grabbed him and ran him to the door and put him on the porch. I yelled at him to stay there and not to move! I ran and grabbed his clothes and shoes, my purse and keys, tossed them on the porch, ran back for my phone and turned to run out of the house. Just as I pulling the door shut, I heard the back-bedroom door slam. I locked the door. I grabbed my son and our belongings and ran him out to the car. I quickly got him dressed and secured him into his car seat. I shut his car door, leaned sideways on my car and vomited all over the ground.

I dropped my son off at day care. I told his daycare worker that we were moving that night and she offered to take my son and watch him during the process. I went to work. I was exhausted. I don’t know how many days of sleep I was lacking, and was just mentally and emotionally exhausted. I went into my boss’s office. She was an older lady in her eighties so I knew she had some life experience. I told her, “I’m not going to say anything. I just want you to look at the photos and tell me what you see.” She looked at the photos very quietly. She calmly looked up at me and said,” Crystal, ware is this?” I told her my house. She then stated that my son and I needed to get out of there now and to keep ourselves safe. I asked what she was seeing in the photos. She stated she saw a shadow man with a hat and a pig snout, a little boy with sharp teeth and pointy ears, and a monkey skull. When I pointed out all the other faces in the monkey skull photo, she started counting them. There were about twelve other faces. She said I should take the photos to our pastor at work and see what he would suggest. She explained that at previous health care facilities she worked at over the years they had preformed exorcisms. She was fully aware of what we were dealing with.

We had just gotten a new pastor a week prior at work. Oh, boy what a way to meet. I was really missing our old pastor as we had a very special repour with one another and I was very comfortable with him. But he retired and I had to make due. I walked into the new pastor’s office and introduced myself. I explained I was needing assistance and that my boss recommended I come talk to him. I know he was expecting a counselling session or a spiritual dilemma…well it kind of was I guess…just in a different way. I explained my son and I were in a house that was active and I wondered if he would come and bless the house. I showed him my photos. He swiped through two of the photos and threw my phone across the desk and said, “I do not deal with this sort of thing.” I asked if anyone he knew did. His response was, “I am not with the Catholic church and I will not come and bless your house.” He stated the best he could do was drive by my house and say a blessing. He then said a blessing over me and extended it to my son. He asked what town I was living in. When I told him Millet, he said when he and his wife were looking for a home when he got his job in Leduc, they drove straight through Millet not stopping as there was a heavy presence in it and they did not like it. (You see the peace hills are all around us. Millet and area are very active). He advised my son and I leave immediately. He asked my address and said he would drive by that night and give a blessing. I am not sure if he ever did as he avoided me after that.

The lady who had welcomed us into her basement called me and told me she got a hold of the Edmonton Paranormal Society for me. She said they were going to stop by and meet with me. Finally! Some help! I called my landlady and told her I would have to move out. She was saddened as she liked me renting from her. I was sad as well; she was the best landlord I had ever had. She asked why I would be leaving. I told her, I cannot explain it over the phone but I would stop by after work and show you…. Continued


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