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My Spiritual Journey S4-E2 We are Not Alone

After Derek experienced my house his first night there, he never let my son and I sleep alone again in that house for two weeks. He slept on our couch every night and made sure we were safe. While my son and I slept in my bed. I knew he was the one. Any man brave enough to protect my son and I like that with only meeting one time prior I knew he was a keeper. Plus, it helped that he was the hottest man and most caring man I had ever met.

Derek came over about eight thirty that evening. My son was in my bed (I could see into the bedroom from the couch as the bedroom was off of the living room). Derek asked if there was a certain time the noises started. I told him usually around ten thirty but because I said that and he was there that probably nothing would happen. Well guess what?! It was a hot summer night and at ten thirty the furnace kicked in! We sat there staring at one another sitting very still. Then we heard the back-dead bolt lock and unlock a few times. Then all was quiet. We talked for awhile and checked on my son who was sleeping soundly. We then turned on the tv and waited. We then heard foot steps coming up the stairs. It was as if the entity knew Derek was there and did not know how to handle it so it went back down stairs. We fell asleep on the couch waiting to hear more sounds. I woke up after 3:00 am hearing what I thought was mice in the pantry. I could hear plastic bags being moved around. I woke up Derek and asked if he heard it. He had not. We then heard the back-dead bolt opening and closing again and then the back-bedroom door slam loudly. As if it was pissed Derek was still there! We sat up, turned on the lights and sat in silence until morning. In the morning I made us coffee. I don’t know if we were on adrenaline but this particular morning, I was not tired, neither was Derek. Derek had his coffee and headed out about six in the morning to go to work. I woke my Bear, got him dressed and washed up and away we went to daycare. That day at work I felt relieved that finally someone else had experienced what my son and I were experiencing. I for sure was NOT crazy! The next two weeks though I would be exhausted everyday from fear and lack of sleep. That night my son went for a sleep over to his grandpa’s house. I was scared to be alone but thought I can handle this. I am a mother and I am strong. Well thank goodness Derek messaged me and asked to come over because deep down I was petrified. Low and behold ten thirty hit and the foot steps started, the deadbolt locked and unlocked several times and this time Derek had an idea…. oh boy…. Derek said we should both take pictures with our phones at the same time and see what shows up. I did not like this idea one bit. I did not want to see anything. I am still debating on showing you the public these photos…. We went from room to room taking photos of the same areas. I did not have a good feeling at all. We went downstairs. Well remember how I mentioned I thought I had mice as I heard garbage bags being moved around in my pantry. Well there at the bottom of the stairs was a pile of my Ziploc bags spread out and opened. They had been in my pantry. Derek being the adrenaline junkie that he was reached into those two dark holes and took pictures. I was screaming at him not to do it and to get out of there. I ran up the stairs ahead of him wanting the hell out of that basement. We sat on the couch and were about to open our photos. I did not want to look. What we saw next chilled me to my core. On both of our phones in the same areas there were; huge orbs of light almost half the size of my tiny kitchen their size was from the ceiling to almost the floor, streaks of squiggly blue lines in the hallway, blue orbs in the hallway and living room. Green orbs in the bathroom. Then in the black holes was the shadow of a man…the Bad Man…. He was wearing a hat like a top hat and he had a pig snout for a nose. I was frozen in fear. We sat there in silence staring at the photo. It was so dark…so evil…I knew instantly this was the “bad man” my son had been talking about. Later that night as we sat on the couch, we heard one of my son’s toys making noise in the kitchen. When we stood up to see what was happening his toy truck started moving across the floor and stopped at Derek’s feet. We knew instantly we were not alone and this was for real. Derek pushed the toy truck back with his foot and again the toy truck moved forward stopping just before his feet. My son was again becoming ill, fevered and lethargic. It came in waves and I was at home with him all day. My son and I would snuggle on the couch and I would try to keep my mind occupied until Derek arrived. This particular day he was quite fevered so I ran him a luke warm bath. As he was sitting in the tub, water running I was kneeled down beside the tub running a face cloth over his warm body. All of a sudden, the shower head started blasting scalding hot water! I took my arm and pushed my son as far back in the bath tub as I could. I reached as fast as I could and slammed the shower toggle down returning the water to the faucet. There was no way that shower toggle got pulled up on its own. I got my son out of the bath. Wrapped him in a towel and he laughed staring at the ceiling. I asked him what was so funny. He said, “Look at the lady on the ceiling mommy.” MY heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode in my chest. We got out of the washroom and returned to the couch until Derek got back from work. Later that evening my son wanted to lay in my bed at bed time. By this time, he and Derek became inseparable friends. He adored Derek and Derek adored him. He had Derek tuck him into my bed and he went to sleep. Derek and I sat on the couch and I told him of the day’s events. A couple hours later we turned on the tv to watch a movie and just as the movie started, we heard my son talking to someone. Derek and I went into my bedroom. There was my son standing in just his diaper (he hated clothes haha) on my nightstand staring towards the corner of the ceiling talking. Derek asked him who he was talking to. My son replied very casually, The bad man.” I stayed calm and lifted my son off of my night stand and sat him on my bed. Derek then asked my son where the bad man was? My son stood up on the bed, raised his arm and pointed his finger. He slowly started following an unseen image with his finger and said, “He is there.” He then started slowly moving his finger and stopped right beside Derek and said, “He is right beside you Derek.” That was the first time I ever saw Derek go pale and look absolutely horrified. Derek could feel the bad man’s presence beside him and then move right behind him. We knew we had to get this placed cleared out as soon as possible so there could be peace but where does one start with this? Another evening my son woke up crying. We ran to his side and he said his arm hurt. We looked on his arm and there was a bite mark. We tried taking a photo with both of our phones but every time we reviewed the photo there was a black streak over the photo which only covered the bite mark, it was the same on both phones! Whatever it was it was not allowing that photo to be taken. We had to physically remove my son from the house to have the photo taken. The weekend was here and my son would be staying with his grandma and grandpa so I was relieved. I was thankful he spent so much time at their place as it kept him out of the house most of the time in the evenings. This particular evening Derek came over and I told him that after I dropped my son off and got back home that I had heard items being thrown around in the bath tub. We went to go look and there was my shampoo, conditioner, soap and razor laying in the tub. I gently and neatly placed everything back on the ledge ware it belonged. We left the bathroom and just as we sat down on the couch, we heard the items being thrown around again. This happened about two more times. Later that evening. My son’s day care worker and her boyfriend came over for a visit. I was sitting in my comfy couch chair, Derek and the other couple were sitting on the couch. All of a sudden, her face tuned pale and she said, “Um Crystal can I talk to you outside now!?” We walked out and stood beside my car. She said, “What the hell is going on in your house?” I asked her what she meant. She said she saw a man standing behind me and that she had never seen her boyfriend so scared. I explained the events to her. I told her my son was spending the weekend at my parents and I was going to look for a new place to live as I didn’t know who to reach out for to cleanse the house. She said she would help as well by taking my son to the zoo, have a sleep over and babysit in between my parents and I to keep him away as much as possible. I was full of relief. He was my baby and I needed to protect him. It was a feeling of relief to now have someone else believe me and not think I was nuts. Later that night all hell broke loose in the house…


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