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My Spiritual Journey S3-E3 (My Second Encounter with The Dark Witch)

I was loving my new home. It was my space. Free and clear of all negativity. I slept well, I enjoyed my friends and worked hard at my studies. I noticed I was listening to my intuition a lot these days. It saved me in a lot of situations at parties where things went sideways after I left. I also noticed that again though I was taking on so many emotions from other people and college students were always going through one issue or another so everyone would just dump their problems on me and left me feeling like I needed to find the solution for them. This alone was exhausting and left me feeling like I did not want to be out in a group of people all the time anymore. The biggest emotional sucker was my professor. Now I had an amazing professor who understood me and helped me immensely on all levels. Due to health issues she retired. So, we got two other professors for our classes. I did not care for the head professor and the second one had it out for me. Our personal vibrations clashed on a whole other level (we must have known each other in a past life and there had to of been bad blood between us). This professor told me I might as well drop out of college and I was never going to make it. Well I showed her didn’t I! See I am a concrete thinker not an abstract thinker. I do better with hands on as not everyone is the same. I also was not an ass kisser and those are the students she liked. Anyways while living the college life I started meeting people outside of college who lived in Lethbridge. This was a nice escape for me as they had nothing to do with my college life. With these friends I would go camping, hang out at their houses and enjoy a peaceful coffee with no stress of school during my free classes. But somehow, I always attracted people who had a lot going on in their own heads and drama was always attached to them. So even though I was away from the college drama I was in new drama. I met this one girl who I spent a lot of time with. One I would want on my side at all times as she was very scary when she was angry.

These events started with running over to her house in the afternoon for a coffee and to study. While I was there that particular day her cordless phone rang…but there was no break in the ring it just continued to ring one long ring. When we looked at the caller id it was all zeros straight across. She answered it and there was dead air. We kind of sat there looking at one another knowing something was off. Then the phone rang again. One long ring the longer it rang the louder it got, it started vibrating and jumping on the table then flew across the table and landed on the floor. I believe the words that flew out of my mouth was. “What the F#&@ was that?!” She sat there with her mouth hanging open. Well it was time for me to go hahaha. I had to get back to class anyways.

The next day I came over during my free class and my friend started telling about some drama with her boyfriend having another girlfriend in another town and he was paying her rent and blah blah blah…they were always fighting. Then out of the blue she told me that there was a light bulb in her basement that kept going out. I said it must be bad wiring. She said every time her boyfriend replaced it; it would explode in his face. I was dating a boy from Lethbridge at the time and I said I would have him come over to change it. Well what do you know. The same thing happened. He went through three bulbs and they kept exploding. (I should have listened then. It was a sign). Looking back on it now I know it was a very clear warning. Both these guys were bad news. But I did not listen. I cannot regret it though because I received a miracle from that relationship. Anyways me being who I was. I jumped up on the chair in that basement and put that light bulb in. Low and behold there was light!

Another day I went over to see my friend, it was on a weekend. We decided to go smoke a cigarette and have a coffee outside as it was so beautiful out. We went out her front door and sat on the step. We must have been out side for about a half hour. When we came back in the house, I instantly noticed all of pictures were flipped backwards on her walls. All of her pictures were backwards on her coffee tables. I ignored it and went and turned every picture around.

Over the months my friend became pregnant with a baby girl. I went over to visit and see how she was feeling, as I noticed the last time, I saw her she had dark circles under her eyes. She explained that she could not sleep in her bed in her bedroom when her boyfriend was away at work. She had to sleep on the couch and therefore was not getting much sleep. Just then there was loud pounding coming from her back door. My friend ran to the door and opened it. All I heard was” What the hell is going on in your house?! It has my house in a complete up roar and my spirits and cats are going crazy!” I shuddered. I knew that voice. I stayed in the living room and didn’t move. It was the dark witch. She told my friend she lived in the house behind hers and she had better get her house under control and cleaned out!

When she left, I told my friend about my interaction with the dark witch. My friend told me she was supposed to go over to the dark witch’s house and talk to her about what was going on in her house. I really didn’t want to go. My friend decided she was not going without me. I told her to relax and see how things go for the next while. It wasn’t three days later I came buy to check on my friend and she was even more run down and exhausted saying she couldn’t sleep and now she heard a man talking at night but couldn’t hear what he was saying. I was picturing a man in brown slacks with a checkered white and red shirt, black suspenders and wearing a red and white truckers cap. I did not like him one bit. I saw him standing over us breathing hard.

My friend begged me to go with her to talk to the dark witch. So, I thought what the hell lets go with a huge sigh. We were walking down the sidewalk and I knew we were coming up to her house. Yup it was her house. Have you ever seen the Blair Witch Project and the little twig figures hung in the trees? Well yup you guessed it. They covered all of her trees and bushes. I really did not want to go up those steps to her door. And of course, there was a black cat sitting in the window sill inside her house hissing at us. I reached over and rang the door bell. We heard muffled yelling. No foot steps. We waited a bit and I rung the bell again. We heard more muffled yelling and then huge heavy foot steps over carpet pounding towards the door. Needless to say, I was scared shitless… It was her the dark witch. She swung the door open not even looking at us. Eyes rolling back in her head, black hair wild and knotted like she had been in a wind storm, wearing a black and red long silk robe open hanging over her clothing. She wouldn’t make eye contact. Her eyes rolled back so far all I saw was the whites of her eyes. She screamed at us, “What do you want?! What are you doing hear?! Come back later! I am busy, you interrupted the spirits and their session and they are pissed off! I gotta go! Get out of here!” Well. That was an experience. We got the hell out of there alright and I booked it down the side walk and told my friend I was no longer interested in perusing anything to do with that situation. Listen if it wasn’t made clear enough to me to stay far away, then someone would have had to have taken a hammer to my head because holly hell batman the signs were loud and clear.

A few weeks later my friend told me she had been in her back-flower bed when the dark witch approached her and told her that there was a man in her house. An older man. He knows she is pregnant with a little girl and he had been a child molester. She told her this is why you do not feel comfortable sleeping in your bed, because he stands over you and breaths heavy over you at night and watches you. He also does not like the two men who come into her house. My boyfriend and hers. She told my friend a few bible verses to use, gave her some stones and a chant to say over and over to get him out, along with lighting a white candle. She explained that as long as the man was in my friend’s house stirring up crap the dark witches house was in chaos. She also explained she did not want to be near the area when she did it so she would be leaving for the weekend and to do it then.

My friend got her mom over that following weekend to help her do the clearing. She said it was pretty intense. Lights flickering, a window broke and some of the glass in the picture frames cracked. She stated the house had been calm after with no issues and she was sleeping in her bed again. My friend and I drifted apart a while later. And looking back on the dark witch I came to realize even though she was dark, she still helped others when she could. I never did see her again around the college or Lethbridge or even heard about her for that matter.

Interestingly enough as well, she was so right about the pain I had been having (I never told anyone I was having the pain, I found it interesting how she knew when I had never told her or anyone else. She had picked up on it and confronted me on it). It was continually getting worse and it was time to see a doctor….


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