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My Spiritual Journey S3-E2 This is The Real Beginning of My Journey (Part 2)

I arrived at the college feeling scattered and unsure of myself. I felt like something was off and not right in my current situation. Who could I talk to about it? Who would believe me? I saw the way people react when someone had a spooky story to tell. People always thought they were nuts! Unless it was a paranormal show on tv of course, then it was acceptable/believable. By the time I found myself a parking spot and got into the college I saw the clock and I was late for class. I was now running down the hall. All of a sudden SLAM! I was on the ground and my belongings were spread everywhere. I had run into someone and quickly apologized while trying to gather my belongings. I heard them say, “Hey breath, its okay.” That voice…I had heard that voice before. I looked up and there was the witch from Humpty’s. I asked her what she was doing here. She stated that she was taking an early childhood course at the college and that she needed to speak to me more. She gave me a card with her business on it. For the life of me I cannot remember the name on that card to this day. Later that evening when I got back to my basement suite, I was too exhausted to put anymore thought into the day’s events of the landlord, the witch or the cold room. I was just happy to have a hot shower and climb into my bed. If anything happened that night, I didn’t hear it. I slept so well I woke in the same spot I fell asleep in. I love those types of sleeps. It was Saturday morning. I got up and made myself a coffee and turned on the tv. My plan was to relax all day and not move my ass from the couch. But my landlord had other plans. There was a knock at my door. There was my landlord. He invited me upstairs to come and meet his son who was home visiting. I politely accepted as he could obviously see I had nothing else to do that day. I had a nice visit with everyone. We watched home videos from their trip to the Old Country, we ate appetizers and then the landlord said something harshly to the son in Hungarian, got up and left the room while pulling his wife out as well. I was left awkwardly alone with the son in the living room. He was very kind. He made small awkward conversation. Then there was awkward silence. I told him it was nice to meet him but I was going to go do homework. As I was heading down the stairs, I heard the landlord talking angrily at the son in the living room. I heard the landlady start crying. What the hell was going on… Sitting on my couch in relief of being out of that situation my mind wandered back to the witch. Curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know what she had to tell me. I dialed the number and it rang twice. She answered with, “Hello Crystal. I have been sitting here waiting for you to call.” How the hell did she know it was me? How the hell did she know my name? She started right off with telling me that the lady in my cold room wants to know why I am there. (What The Hell?!) She said I was in her home and she is confused as to why I am in her home and wants me out. She told me of a colorful knitted skirt she wore and a gypsy white shirt with red embroidery around the top. (What? That’s what I saw in my mind!) She then explained that there was another presence upstairs of the home. A possessive presence. That the owners had no clue that they had been taken over. She stated I was being pulled in both directions. The lady in the cold-room wanted me gone and the couple upstairs wanted me to never leave and to bring more. (Bring more what?!) She said her best advice was to leave as soon as I could. I then asked her how she knew all of this. She stated that she was indeed a witch. She said she dabbled in all sides. She then told me a story about her ex boyfriend being a trucker and he would teleport into her mirror and harass her in her bedroom when she and her new boyfriend moved in together. She had to throw salt into the mirror to get rid of him and that the salt would crystalize in the air. She told me about the dark practices she did with sacrificial animals and cursing others. By now this was all too much for me to absorb. On one hand she was right about my experiences in the house but teleporting…sacrifice…really…. (little did I know) The witch then said something to me that no one else knew. She told me I was very sick and to not give up my fight with the doctors. She stated the back pain I was having was real. The exhaustion was not from working so hard and late with school. She said I needed to be strong. She then said how extremely tired she was and that she must go now to talk to the other side. She hung up abruptly. (This would not be my last interaction with the dark witch) Within the last month I had been waking up with severe lower back pain. I was so tired I was catching myself falling asleep in class. I thought, no I just need to see my chiropractor when I get home and I need a weekend of just relaxation. But now I know she was right. Things with the landlord started getting more intense. He wanted me spending more time with him and his family. It was to the point I couldn’t go any ware without informing him of ware I was going, when I would be back and letting him know when I was back. I called my dad and told him I was going to find a cheaper place to live and that the landlord was being possessive. I searched online and found a bachelor suite for half the price and it was available that day! I called my friend who I was not allowed to have over. I picked him up and we went to check out my new home. I loved it. It was tiny. I had a kitchen a bedroom/living room and a shared washroom. The landlords were the sweetest couple I have ever met. They were in their late twenties and lived on the upper level of the house. I gave them my damage deposit and rushed back to the retired couples home to tell them of my decision. I of course dropped my friend off first as he was not welcome there being a male and all.

Well I was not expecting what had happened next. I went upstairs. The retired couple were sitting at their living room table. I told them I was moving out. I had just paid that months rent so they had a whole month to look for someone else without loosing out on rent. The older man slammed his fist on the table. I told my dad I had felt like I was twelve years old getting into trouble from my parents (this was a little more extreme though). He started yelling at me telling me he wasted his time on me! What a waste of time I was to everyone! I couldn’t leave! He had plans for his son and I! I was wasting my life! Well…. holly…. I was not expecting that… He got up from the table abruptly pushing his chair back so fast it fell over. He walked out of the room. The landlady came over to me and cradled my head in her chest, stroking my hair telling me I am a good girl and I should just stay. (This was way too much for me). I needed help moving so I called my male friend and went to pick him up. The whole time we were loading my cavalier in the driveway the landlord was glaring at me from his bed room window. Even my friend was creeped out. This story does make me laugh a little as I had an apartment sized freezer I needed to move. No one would help us so we even went to the Walmart parking lot offering people to move it for me for cash. We could not find one soul to help. Somehow my friend and I pushed that freezer into the back seat of my car! Getting it out of the back seat was a whole other experience that took about three hours to do hahaha. (If you my friend are reading this, I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for our friendship and for always being there for me. I know we will meet again some day. Even a trip to Japan would be wonderful to meet you and your family xoxo). After I got all of my belongings into the new place, I headed back to the old place to make sure it was clean and nothing was left behind. As I was placing my key on the counter in my basement suite, I noticed the cold room door open a crack. I gathered up all of my courage and peeked inside. There was nothing in there. Just cold, dark concrete. I shut the door and as I was walking out of the basement suite, I heard down the hallway in a whisper, “thank you. You must go. It is not safe for you.” I responded out loud. “Thank you.” I imagined the little round lady in the hallway with her hands together in prayer over her heart staring at me. As I was walking out to my car, I felt a sudden urge to pick up my pace and jog to it. To get the hell out of there. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was completely goose bumped. As I was pulling out of the driveway, there again was my landlord glaring at me from his window…I swore I saw red in his eyes….


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