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My Spiritual Journey S2-E5 (Guardian Angel)

I was fourteen years old. My friend at that time and I had just finished wining our junior high basketball game. I was very big into sports as a child. We were on a high from winning when we got back to my house. She was waiting for her dad to come pick her up. I had to go downstairs to grab something. I tripped at the landing over some boots and started falling down the wooden stairs face first. I screamed and my friend ran after me. I don’t remember what happened next as it was complete darkness. But when I opened my eye I was standing back on my landing. As if I never fell. I was in such shock, I was rambling “Oh my God, did you see that?! I was falling down the stairs! I’m now standing here! Oh my God, did you see that?! It’s like someone pulled me back up, did you see that?!” My friend at the time just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She did not see me get pulled back up but she new I had fallen down the stairs. We both were speechless after that. Was it my Guardian Angel looking out for me? Did they pull me back up and save me? I remember thanking whoever helped me out that evening. I distinctly recall tripping, feeling the breeze on my hair as I was falling forward, feeling the rush of going down the stairs and not having anything to grab onto. And then just standing at the top of the landing again. It truly was a miracle. Another simple situation when I was sixteen. It was winter and I had just started my 1984 Dodge Colt to warm it up. I always kept my spare key on me and I would lock the doors on the car as it warmed up. I ran in the house to get my school gear together and when I came back outside to go, I had no spare key in my pocket. I panicked as I had a big test that morning and no one else was home to help me. As well my car was almost on empty and there it was locked up and running. I ran back in the house sure to look again for my spare key. I checked all of my jacket pockets. Nothing. I ran back outside to check all of the car doors hoping one was unlocked. But when I looked in the car there was my spare key sitting on the passenger seat…. what the hell was I going to do. I could not miss this test. Back in I went and grabbed a wire close hanger. I ran back to the care and tried get in the window with it. That didn’t work. I was running out of time and answers. I went back into the house to see if I could find anything to get me in. Finally, I gave up and just sat there crying. I prayed that God would help me as if I failed this test, I would not be passing my course. I slowly got up and went back outside to stare at my car and wait for a miracle. That’s when I saw it sitting in the snow in front of my driver’s side door….my spare key…How was it even possible? How did it get off my passenger seat and into the snow? It does not matter how. I just looked top the Heaven’s, wiped my eyes and said “Thank you.” I pulled myself together and went to school. I got into my seat just as the bell went. I don’t remember if I passed that course or not. But I will never forget the gesture that was made for me that day.

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