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My Spiritual Journey S2-E4 (Grandma)

This blog makes me emotional because now we are really diving into my personal feelings and very personal experiences. My Grandma Edna Skelly. How can one feel so connected to a person they never met? How can someone mourn someone they never met? Well I do. My brother was very privileged to have met and known my grandma. You can tell from the photos they loved each other very much. When I was younger, I was going through my mom and dad’s cassette tape collection and I found tapes my grandma had recorded for my brother. You see there was a point in time my family moved to Singapore as my dad was working overseas on the oil rigs. My grandma was living in Bashaw. She would record tapes for my brother telling him how much she missed him and loved him and she would sing to him and tell him stories. My grandma passed away when I was a baby and I never did meet her. But believe me we know each other. I would listen to those tapes over and over again soaking up every syllable and sound she made. It would bring tears to my eyes. I craved to know her. I craved to know my Grandma and my Great Grandma. I always felt this strong connection with her. I was fourteen. Asleep in my room in the basement. My dad was upstairs. I woke up and there was my Grandma Edna standing in my doorway. It was like a huge warm hug that you get from your grandma. She was leaned up against the door frame smiling with her arms crossed in front of her stomach. She was so beautiful. She was wearing a sleeveless white and yellow stripped shirt with brown slacks. Her black hair was perfect without a hair out of place. She had the most beautiful smile. I wished she would stay forever. But that is the selfish side of our human forms. She never spoke to me but she made it known she was with me. And then just like that she was gone into thin air. I got out of bed and went upstairs knowing my dad was still up reading. I went and sat on the couch and told him of my experience. He told me stories of my mom’s mom and how much he loved her. Told me funny stories that made him and I laugh. It was a wonderful, happy and warm feeling to reminisce with dad about my Grandma. I remember my mom telling me that before she got the phone call that my grandma had passed away, she came to see my mom. My mom woke up to her standing at the foot of her bed. She spoke with my mom and she said it was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. This was not the last time I saw my Grandma. She came to me in a dream with my brother by her side letting me know they were together. This is a story for another day.


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