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My Spiritual Journey S2-E3 (The Blacksmith)

Living in a new home is always an adjustment while learning its creaks and moans that are new to you. As soon as we moved into our house it was a daily argument of my dad asking, “Who jacked up the thermostat?” Everyone in the house would say they didn’t touch it. But everyday that thermostat would be turned all the way up.

One evening my brother was out. My mom was sleeping in bed, I was reading on my bed with the door closed and my dad was on the couch in the living room watching tv. All of a sudden, I heard drip drip drip like water then a tap tap tap tap like metal hitting metal. I sat very still trying to figure out what the sound was. Nothing could come to mind. It was not raining and it was within the walls almost overhead as if echoing. All of a sudden it sounded like someone was in our basement in the library throwing books off the shelf as hard as they could! I went flying out of my bedroom and found my mom running out of her room as well. We looked at each other and asked at the same time, “What is going on!?” The only other person in the house was my dad so we automatically assumed it was him but why was he throwing books around downstairs?! I ran ahead of my mom to the living room and there was my dad fast a sleep on the couch in front of the tv….

My mom and I ran down stairs and went to the library and switched on the light! Not a book was out of place and they were sitting perfectly on the shelves…. the noise was gone. My mom and I just stared at each other with no words spoken. We went back upstairs and woke my dad up from his nap. We explained what we had heard thinking it was possibly him until we saw him sleeping on the couch. My dad said he never heard a sound.

A year later I was at Summer bible camp and I was informed that the block I lived on in Millet was actually in a ghost story book about the Black Smith shop and still to this day people hear the drip drip drip of water and the tap tap tap of hammering the metal.

We never heard the noise again but at times heard foot steps in the house and yes, the thermostat continued to get turned up. One thing I want to mention is before this time frame in this blog I had various little spiritual experiences happen but I wanted to outline the major events in my journey. As well there are time lapses ware nothing is written about because depending on that was going on in my life at that time, I was not open to receiving or hearing what was going on around me spiritually. Its as if a wall was put up at times to get me through whatever I was dealing with. Remember being Empathic you are also very emotional so what may not have been a big deal to some was the end of the world to me.


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