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My Spiritual Journey S1-E3 (The Meadow Continued)

The very next day as I awoke from my bed all I could think about was the meadow. I dreamed of the trees blowing in the wind sounding like a hurricane crashing in on us and these dark cloaked hooded figures moving towards us. I also dreamt that the low hum was coming from the earth. I have to admit I was a little afraid and a little excited to show our mom what we found out in the meadow. Today the dark hooded figures remind me of when I was twenty-eight years old and my son was two years old. We had just gotten our very own place together. And lived in complete fear for a few months. This is how and ware I met my husband…talk about bonding hahaha. But we will come back to this story at a later date.

Towards afternoon my mom went on the hike with my brother and I. It was another warm day. But I enjoyed the hike feeling safe with my mom there. Today I noticed though there was no crow. Was it because my mom was there to watch over us?

The sun was beating down on us. It was a warm and happy feeling. I was skipping and jumping over all the tree stumps just enjoying being outside on our hike. Usually we spotted animals on our hikes but today there were non. Then like a bolt of electricity running through my body I was staring up at the meadow tree line in fear. First my brother climbed the barbed wire fence, then my mom and then me. I remember snagging my jeans on the barbed wire. My mom and brother were just a ways a head of me and I felt complete panic. I wanted to get free and catch up to them as fast as I could thinking a shadow figure was going to come out of the trees and take me away!

I broke free from the barbed wire and jumped to the ground running as fast as I could to catch up. Finally, we got to the center of the meadow. It was shady and cool. Goose bumps covered my skin. Keeping in mind it had been less than twenty-four hours that we had been there. I scanned the ground…. nothing…there was nothing there but the beer bottle! How could this be?! Who took the items away?! Did someone know that we had been there and found them?! Had they been watching us?! We again told my mom and showed her ware the items had been and what they were. She did not argue and took our word for it. She did caution us though and said in a very calm but firm voice, “I don’t think you guys should be out this far from the house. Just stay away from this area.”

For a few weeks I continually thought about the meadow and what we had encountered there. I wondered if the people who had placed the items there and removed them were aware of us finding their spot. Did they continue to come back to the meadow and continue doing what they were doing? There were times we would see the reflection when playing around the slough almost taunting us. But my brother and I wouldn’t even discuss it. We would just carry on playing.

I had let this memory slide along with many others over the years. It was not until I reconnected on my spiritual path and reopened myself up did these memories come flooding back. I am going to share these memories and experiences with you.

(Out of respect and privacy some locations and names will be altered in these blogs)

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