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My Spiritual Journey S1-E2 (The Meadow)

In my previous blog I mentioned the meadow… Well let me take you back. It was another day full of adventure for my Brother John and I. We loaded up his back pack full of sandwiches and water and away we went. We walked down through our acreage and crawled over the barbed wire fence to get to the slough. We were always told to not play there unattended but kids will be kids and it was our favourite area to play in. We were walking on the shore line trying not to get our shoes wet watching the beavers play but keeping our distance…have you ever been chased by a beaver… they can hustle and they can be very mean. Well that particular day the birds were flying around, magpies, blue jays, sandpipers jumping around on the ground and of course our crow.

I had tripped over a tree stump and fell face first into the slough. As John was helping me up we heard the crow cawing really loud. John and I looked up and way across the field in the direction of the meadow we saw a reflection, almost like a reflection off of a mirror in the sun. As curious as we were John said “Hey what is that?” I replied with, “I don’t know let’s go!”

Now thinking back that crow followed us the rest of the way cawing very loud as if to turn us around. But curiosity got the best of us and away we went. We walked along the cut line and my job was to watch the ground for tree stumps we could trip on and John watched the trees for porcupines. The hike took us about fifteen minutes until we got to the neighbour’s field. Across that field was the meadow. A huge line of dark green trees laid ahead of us.

It seemed like forever walking across that field in the hot Summer sun. The walk took about 25 minutes until we came up to the meadow in front of a barbed wire fence. We climbed the fence and jumped down into the trees. We only had to walk about 5 minutes and we came into a huge clearing in the meadow….to this day I am still haunted and disturbed by what we found.

Firstly, all the birds were gone. Our crow who had cawed warning to us was gone, not a tree leaf moved on their branches. We stood there staring at one another completely goose bumped from head to toe. It was shaded and eerie. We decided to look for what had reflected to us from the slough. That’s when I found it. My first experience with some form of dark magik. There in the center of the clearing laying in a circle was a ripped off dolls head, a piece of ripped clothing, a pouch of hair, a satchel of stones and a black ritual candle that had been previously lit with the Pentagram symbol on it. I called John over to look at it feeling scared and panicked. I remember him telling me not to touch anything. Off to the side we saw a beer bottle. Looking at the label and the beer still left in it, it could not have been more than a couple days old. I asked John why these items were here and he could not give me answers. All I knew was it was dark…

All of a sudden, the trees started swaying and the wind started blowing. It sounded like a hurricane inside this circle of protected trees. That’s when we saw the shadows. Anyone could say it was the over active mind of child, but looking back on it those shadows were there. Like cloaked shadows with hoods on them. They were moving in the trees and they were not tree spirits. The shadowed figures started closing in and there was a low hum. In that instant we both screamed and ran out of the meadow. I have never climbed a barbed wire fence so fast in my life, full of complete panic and fear. What did all of those items mean? What was that candle for, what were those shadow figures and what the heck was that low humming sound?!

As soon as we got over the barbed wired fence our crow appeared cawing loudly and flew ahead of us as if it were directing us home. We ran until we were out of breath about half way down the cut line. We never spoke a word of what we saw but we knew just by looking at each other with eyes wide with fear that we had to tell our mom what happened.

It was almost dark when we got home. We ran into the house and told our mom about the articles that we had found. We asked her to come with us the next day and see them. Our Mother and Father were our protectors. Almost like Super Woman we knew nothing would ever take her on in our minds. But for some strange reason we never uttered a word about the shadow figures or the low hum we head…. was it out of fear? Maybe if we don’t mention it the memory will go away? I cannot answer that but what I did know was my brother and I never ever spoke of it again, even amongst ourselves.

Today this leaves questions in my mind. Who was out there? I know it was not the neighbour as he was busy farming on his other properties. Was it local teenagers driving out to the country? Was it teenagers from the other towns? Was it adults? Who knew about this place and how did they find it as it was off the beaten path? These are questions I may never have answers too. But that night before bed for some reason all I kept thinking was when we take my mom out to the meadow will those items still be there and will the unspoken shadow figures make them selves known?

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