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Is there Life after Death

When we have loved ones become ill or pass away, we wonder…what’s next? At least I do. When we become ill ourselves, we really stop and wonder…. what’s next? There are so many different beliefs and religions and we grow up with our own understanding of what’s been imbedded into us for what is next. But really in reality we will never know until it is our time to go to really know what is next.

I have had a few opportunities in my life that really got me thinking about my own afterlife. A couple cancer scares and dealing with a rare kidney disease that will leave me on dialysis until my departure have really got me thinking over time. Loosing patients I cared for, seeing and feeling their souls leave their bodies and the room they are in. It’s all had me thinking for years. Loosing my beloved family and friends got me pondering even more. What’s next? I will tell you I do not have these answers. I won’t have these answers until I myself experience it. At times I wish I had a telephone to heaven…or the universe…or where ever it is we go to. To ring up my brother and say, “Hey John, what’s next?” What I do know though is…there is more. This is not the end of the road. There is a world for us after death takes over. There has to be. I know this because of the communications I have. I know this because there is beautiful spirit all around us all of time. The signs they leave. The messages they give. Because my brother is with his family when we need him. Because in the time before and in the last two weeks of me missing him…he has been here with me. Showing me signs, showing me to keep moving forward. To not give up no matter how much I miss him. Now listen I am one of the most positive thinking people you will meet. I always try to look for the positive as I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. They happen the way they do so we can move forward and take the next step in our lives. But with that being said I also have raw emotions. I help people everyday teaching and uplifting them to stay positive. So, for a couple weeks every year I take some much-needed self care for me to grieve. For me to remember. For me to reconnect with my brother. (Just as I was writing this particular section Derek came into the bedroom as I was typing. He told me he saw the basement hallway light turn on. He then saw a figure walk by. He thought it was me. But when he went to go check, know one was there. I saw in my third eye it was my brother John. I have stopped in this moment to reflect, because it is amazing how I was just typing about this particular subject about my brother and here he was again showing us signs.) So, you see there is life after death. We just do not know exactly what it is about until we go. I know some will question thinking, “You do mediumship. You talk to spirit. Why don’t you ask.” It does not work that way. Maybe in time I will be told. But you see spirit will not tell you something until you are ready to know it. I believe I will not be ready to know until it is my time to go. If by chance it is revealed to me in the mean time…I will share. What I can tell you is that the good sprit I do communicate with are happy. They are with passed loved ones. From what I have seen and felt in meditation it is a beautiful, calm, pain free, complete feeling of bliss place. When it is our time to go there will be something even more spectacular than we could even fathom to imagine. The reason why I am discussing this other than reminiscing about my brother, is because I get so many questions about passed loved ones. I want and need you all to know that they are there. You can talk to them anytime! Share your exciting moments, sadness, fears and secrets with them. Pull them out a chair at dinner time. Set them out that cup of tea they enjoyed. When you need them speak out to them because they are listening always! What you need to do in return is to listen. Pay attention. They are sending you signs and messages all of the time. They are visiting you in their dreams, in your visions, your meditations, they are pulling numbers, cards, songs, book sentences, gaining strength through your electricity and computers, they are even dropping dimes, feathers and whatever else is symbolic to you. In other instances, they are making themselves known through physically showing themselves. Now I do wish we could sit down and have a full-on conversation at the kitchen table with them but unfortunately it does not work this way. In the mean time. Let us be thankful. Let us be thankful for the signs we do get. For our loved ones watching over us, guiding us and letting us know we are not alone. Let us be thankful for experiencing life. For going through the trials, errors, heartaches and joys that life throws at us. Because everyone of these events reminds us that we are alive. That we are going down unique paths that will eventually lead us down our own road of complete bliss when our time comes. Something that we have spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally trained for. Then when it is our time to go, we can come back and visit those who we left behind and show them we are with them. To guide them, communicate with them and leave them signs that we are near by at all times.


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