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May 21, 2020 is a night i will always remember, It was my first experience sending Reiki to a client's passed loved one. All I can say is I have never felt such peace, calm and happiness. Usually when I do a session I see the energy colors drop down into my client. Tonight sending that energy to the passed loved one I saw those energy colors go upwards. The most clear and intense indigo blue, white and green. It was like staring into the Universe. It made me emotional feeling how much love and peace was felt.

Later that night I sent Reiki to my Brother. Again the most calm, peace and happiness I have ever felt. I saw thousands of crystals in the most intense green going upward with the intense Indigo blue and white. I was then staring into calm purplish blueish grey sky with the odd cloud. I was so warm and happy and at peace. I saw two people looking down on me. I knew one of them for sure was my Brother. I then saw a door and was moving so fast towards it to open it. Man did I ever want to open it and see what was on the other side but just as fast as it appeared it was gone again and I was staring into the beautiful sky.

My Guides were telling me I wasn't ready quite yet to see that information. My heart was so happy after these two sessions. I have never felt such calmness and peacefulness. Sending Reiki to passed loved ones, friends, Angel's, Guides and Reiki Master's before us is one of the most beautiful gifts you can share. Knowing what I felt reminded me that when those go on before us they feel no pain. They are at complete calmness, peace and full happiness and love.

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