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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E2-Yodel-diddly-oh-oh-dee

You just never know what our family is going to get up to when the Sisters get together. There never seems to be a dull moment. We did find out while doing their Akashic Records that three of the sisters had been together in previous lives and the four of them will be together in their next lives. Oh boy did they make an impression on me haha. They were all given names which they now go by today which is quite commical. My mom Rose Is Ida, Lil is Ester, Anita is Bertha and Roxy is Sadie. Oh those four make life enertaining!

One evening after a day filled of Reiki, uitlizing our Spirit boxes and connecting with Spirit we started talking about my Granmdma Edna who has passed. It was shorlty after we started talking about her I felt a female coming up behind me. It was a warm, loving but also a fun feeling. In that instant I started to feel the pain in my hands, fingers, legs and toes. I knew this was my Grandma Edna and I was feeling her Rheumatoid Arthritis that she suffered so dearly from. The tears started flowing down my face from the pain. The room fell silent and the Sisters watched my Grandmother communicate through me.

I felt as if I was falling back into space and time. It's an odd feeling but not a scary one. I started hearing music. It was bringing my heart and mind so much joy and I wanted to hear more. I wanted to start singing and get up and dance. I didn't know the music though. Thats when all of a sudden I started singing. "Its a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way to go." I carried on singing, somehow I knew all of the words to the song. When the song was over another started. " Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let fifty cents." When that one finised another started! "On the banks of the river stood Running Bear, young Indian Brave." Then a well known song to my family started. My Grandma and Grandpa used to sing Frauline together. When my Grandpa was passing all of the Sisters gathered around him and sang this beautiful song to him. "Far across the blue waters, lived an old German's daughter. By the banks of the old river Rhine." When that song finished I looked up and their were tears in the eyes of everyone around the table. These were songs my Grandma sang. She loved to sing. Aunty Anita had an idea. She asked if I knew how to yodell. Oh hell no I don't. They stated that my Grandma was an amazing yodeler. They found a song and played it and away I went! Guess what I was a yodeler for the evening! This was such a unique experience.

I felt blessed and honoured that I could bring this forward to my family that evening. I felt blessed that my Grandma came through and let me experience having her with us all together. Although I never met my Grandmother as I have mentioned before, there is still such a feeling of mourning in me when I think of her. I miss her so much if that can make sense. I truly believe we will be connected again in my next life at some point...maybe all the Sisters, Grandmothers, children and I will be together as its my final journey. One can only hope.....


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