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Beyond The Altar Table -S3 E1- It will Return

It feels as if it has been a decade since I have written to you all. Life has been crazy and my website was on hold. Now here we are. Time to catch up!

If you go back to previous blogs I wrote about the generational curse that had been put on the family and the cleansing and curse breaking we had to do. Fast forward now to others in the family opening up their abilities, teaching, protections and so much more.

The day was here. The kids were over the Moon excited. The Aunties were on their way from Saskatchewan! Life had been chaotic for everyone the past two years and it was time to break free from restrictions and see one another. We were all so excited as this ment play time. Physically with the kids and Spiritually for the adults. Both my aunts have always been very open but over the last while my one aunt has been increasingly becoming more powerful. The problem with one had taught her that with being an Empath you have to learn to be firm, put up protections, cleanse yourself, cut your cords and that you were suseptible to lower level energies as you take on others feelings and emotions. You are an open vessel to energies around you without your protections. She was going to have to learn to stand her ground.

My aunt always felt a lower level energy around her. It would even toy with her in the safety of her own home. It could be seeing lights off and on, doors opening and at times wondering if it had her moving around at night in her sleep.

One evening my husband, mom, aunties and I were all sitting around the table sharing stories, experiences and discussing energy. I was soaking up every moment of this. My auntie seemed to have something still affecting her. Now my house is pretty damn protected so I started wondering if she had an attachment on her I could not see. Thats when I saw it. She was sitting to the left of me and I saw the shadow in my mind's eye attached on her right side. Man was it tall! It was standing between my aunt and I. It was just then my mom mentioned to me I should cleanse my aunt. I looked at my aunt and asked if she was up for it. Absolutley she agreed and down to my energy room we went while everyone else continued visiting around the table.

As we were walking down the stairs to my energy room I got a heavy feeling wash over me. This lower level energy felt deep rooted. It knew what we were going to do and it was not impressed. It had a panicky feeling that it was sending through me. We opened the door and it was the very first time I felt uneasy in my energy room. It felt cold and I felt on high alert.

I looked over at my aunt and asked her to sit on my Reiki table facing the window. She looked ridged and worried. Her eyes were distant and vacant. Her skin was so pail, almost grey. To be honest I felt worried for her. Then I just felt pissed off that she was being affected and I wanted whatever was on her to leave now! I started my prayers. I walked over and lit my smudge. It went out immediatly. I lit it again and all of my sudden my aunt yelled I wipped my head around and watched her violently get pushed from the back. I then did some verbal clearing and relit my smudge. Away the smudge smoke went! I stood in front of my aunt letting her take in the smudge smoke. I heard (excuse my language), "You B=@!$%! You C#@!$!" It was mad. It only drove me to be firmer and focus on what I was there to do. I opened the window in my room. I continued with my ceremony. I moved behind my aunt and was demanding it leave. I moved to her front and faced her. It was standing between my aunt and I. Thats when I heard her say in a slow meek voice, "Crys...It's right there....." She was pointing right in front of her. I said, "I know......" I was staring it right in the face. I got mean, firm and told it exactly where to go. Just then my smudge went out! I quickly relit it and called upon every highest vibration and animal I knew. The smudge burned intensly and with my last demand my energy room door which was closed slammed open and shut! Then the energy went out the window.

The room went quiet. The air started flowing and warming up. It felt peaceful and calm. I looked into my aunt's eyes. She was back. There was life in her eyes and her skin was back to its normal color. We stared at each other for a moment taking in what had just happened. I asked her how she felt and she nodded her head, "Good, I feel good," she said. Now I do know the lower level energy did not dissipate, it had just left. I explained to her the differance but also told her my house was protected and it would not be coming back in while she was here. I cleansed my energy room and we went back upstairs to join the family.

When we got upstairs everyone looked at us and I said, "Wow..." I couldn't believe what had just happened and how much better my aunt was. They asked how my aunt felt. She stated good and they mentioned how much lighter and better she looked. Thats when my mom asked, "Who slammed the door?" My aunt and looked at each other and said, "Not us." Everyone went quiet and starred in disbelief. They heard the door slam all the way upstairs. In my mind I knew it was not over. I had hopes though my Aunt would stay strong and keep this energy at bay and not let it continue to affect her.......

As I was talking to my other aunt on the phone about me writting this blog, she told me that when her and my other aunt were driving here the day before that cleansing. My aunt continued to mention that the shadow was following them down here. My other aunt could not see it and mentionined that. So, my aunt took photos out of the car window and in the photos there it was staring right back at her for everyone to see...


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