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Beyond The Altar Table S2 E5 - Root Cause

There is always a root cause to our bad habits, health issues or problems. But sometimes getting to that root cause can be a hard thing to do in order to heal or fix it. When Toni healed my back, she went into my Akashic Records and went back to my very first back injury. I had to do some work in there. I had to forgive myself, the situation and the horse to receive the healing. Like a miracle I was able to walk again without screaming out in pain.

I have permission to mention this but I will not use names. I went into one ladies Akashic Records to see if I could get to the root cause of her emotions and her rising blood sugar levels. I was taken back to when she was a little girl in a past life. She lived on a plantation. She had everything in the world that she had ever wanted except for her Mother. Her Mother had passed away while giving birth to her. Her Father was a man of status and was not around a lot so he bought her love by giving her anything she could ever want. She had a maid who would bring her up a treat every afternoon in a tin called a Turkish Delight. She would sit upon a round rug on her hardwood floor and eat as many as she could until she was ill. The maid would get so upset because every night she would have to clean up her vomit and bring her medicine in a brown glass bottle that she would put on a teaspoon. She thought it tasted awful and the maid would have to force it into her mouth.

We found out that the reason she ate so many of these candies every afternoon was to fill a void. All of the children she knew had Mothers. But she was richer and could afford these treats. So, she ate what the others couldn’t have because they had what she didn’t have. We did some healing, clearing and contract cutting. We brought forth her energy and discussed the session.

A few days later I spoke with my client and she revealed to me that she had only a sip of her pop that day. Normally she would drink 4-5 pops a day. She didn’t even have a craving for any other treats she normally ate! The temptation was just no longer there! She could not explain it but was going to roll with it.

I thanked her for sharing her experience. (I am so proud of you. I want to thank you for your continued support and thank you for trusting in me to go into your records. Lots of love, Light and Reiki Blessings to you).

It is an amazing and a truly unique experience to see what can be brought forward to you while in the Akashic Records. To see how something in your past life can be currently still affecting you in your present life. I have dedicated this last month (March 2021) to practicing in other peoples records and I am so happy to be offering these services to the public now. This is a new phase for Altar Yourself and we thank each and everyone of you for joining us on our journey and supporting us. Love, Light and Reiki Blessings to you all!!!!

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