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Beyond The Altar Table S2 E4 - Reiki Approved by Medical Physician

My Spiritual Journey up until now had been absolutely frustrating, heartbreaking, beautiful, mind blowing and amazing up to this point. It is a ride I never want to get off of. I have healed, learned, grown and help others along the way. I want to share an experience of Reiki that over flowed in to the Akashic Records. I have watched this woman heal, grow and learn so much from the beginning of her journey and it has helped me do the same.

I have a lady who comes to me at least once a week for a Reiki session. When I first met her there was so much going on with her that my heart broke for her. Her first session was very emotional for her. But she stuck with it and she did the work and the lady I know today is not the lady I first met. You know who you are. I want to tell you how very proud I am of you and how truly excited I am for you. I also want to thank you as this journey has taught me a lot as well.

This lady has been seeing me for about a year now. Recently I found out she had cut back her medications, along with speaking up more and not owning other people’s emotions. Her own medical doctor told her to continue on with her Reiki Treatments! This was huge for me to hear! To have a medical professional encourage this modality is an honor.

Throughout her sessions and comfort level she has let me experiment and try new ways of doing Reiki hand positions. Along with further develop my gift of mediumship, to pass on messages from loved ones (most of the time she has a lady or two come through.) Oh, I love their visits dearly! There is one lady who is always poking around. When she comes into the room, she will intentionally make a ton of noise until we acknowledge her. It is so much fun and she makes us so happy. She has so much love for my client and there are times she will come in and be very quiet as she wants the session to be just about my client. She is very respectful and understanding to my client’s sessions and emotions.

A couple weeks ago my client let me go into her Akashic Records and try doing Reiki and Chakra Balancing at the same time. The experience and amount of healing that was done in just one hour was mind blowing. When the session was over, I revealed to my client two past lives that I had seen. The interesting part about these past lives was that they correlated with her present life from what she deals with in health and with specifics of how she helps others in her life on a daily basis. We did some healing and clearing. She felt energized which usually she feels relaxed after her sessions and ready for bed. Interestingly enough we brought forward her energy from her past lives we were in. She cut all ill will intent from others in her past and present life and discussed how everything just made sense in that session. It was emotional for her. But also, relieving as her present life made more sense now.

The next day I had messaged her and asked her how she was feeling and if I could discuss her experience. This is what she replied with. “I can tell you I feel great. I have no bad feelings towards my sisters or anyone, it’s just gone. My mind is clearer and able to focus better today on tasks without my brain going back to those ill feelings or scenarios that plagued my mind over the last few months.” (Thank you for letting me share your experience)

I saw the amazing work Reiki has done in my life and the lives of others but seeing how the Akashic Records added to it, really excites me to keep practicing and moving forward by seeing the amazing changes it has given others and I. As of March 30th 2021, we have still just begun this beautiful journey and it is only going to get stronger and more fascinating as I practice and move forward with it. Disclaimer: Altar Yourself is not responsible for any changes with treatments. Make sure to check with your physician before lowering/coming off any medication or altering anything a physician has put in place or suggested.


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