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Beyond The Altar Table S2 E3 - Reunited In The Akashic Records

Many of you know I recently also became certified as an Akashic Records Practitioner. Well do I have a mind-blowing experience for you. My beautiful teacher Toni held the course for me and another beautiful soul named Leah. Now the interesting part about Leah and I taking this course together is that immediately after meeting one another it felt as if we had known each other forever but did not know where from.

Toni sat back smiling because she knew. She was in our records during this course and she saw it all. We got to the exercise part of the course and Toni told us to each go into our past lives, pick one that Leah and I knew each other from. We were instructed to keep it to our selves and write it down, we would later share it in the group. The first image I saw immediately took me back in time. I was around the age of 80 years old. I had long grey curly hair. My skin was so weathered and brown that the lines in my face were beautifully filled with wisdom. I was walking in a filed. I was holding my finger to my lips as if to hush someone. I was then Moving my arm as if to usher someone towards me. I was then looking through my eyes and saw I was ushering a group of small to middle aged children. I had a thick red knitted sash of strong material around me and a small one tied around my forehead. We were walking west. We stopped and I noticed we were at the bottom of a mountain. I lifted my head and looked up towards the mountain raising my arms above my head welcoming the sun peaking between two mountain peaks. When I turned around the children were all sitting in a circle on the grass watching me. I was teaching them. My eyes fell upon a little boy with black hair. He was wearing a green sport type jacket, brown pants that were too short on him and black shoes. My heart immediately filled with so much love for this little boy that I physically started crying. He was my Grandson.

The second image where I was to meet Leah was the exact same location. We had donkeys and goats. We lived in round huts. Our nearest neighbours were a ways away. Many people came to see me for medicine and healing. The odd time I went out to them but not very often as I was old and my bones did not like the donkey ride. Leah was there as a middle-aged child with long black hair. Her chores were to feed the donkeys and milk the goats. When that was done, we walked through the field together and I would teach her about the medicines.

The next image I was walking with Leah out to the river. The river was below us and it was flowing so fast. I saw myself trying to climb down some rocks to pick a yellow medicine flower that I needed to teach her about. I saw I was wearing a sandal’s where the thick leather strap was wrapped around my foot. There was moss and algae on the rocks above the river. As I reached down my foot slipped and I was falling. Leah grabbed my arm and saved me.

The next image we were sitting beside the river and Leah was drumming. The songs I sang were spells to bring in the rain and the snow. This was a powerful recollection for me to have gone through. After I wrote it all down Toni checked in with Leah to see if she had finished hers. We were ready to share. I could not believe what Leah started sharing with us…

Leah stated I was her Grandmother and we were sitting beside a river. We were drumming and throat singing. She stated that I would teach her about medicines. We were both so floored and filled with tears. This was no way a coincidence. Both of us had the same memory recall at the same time. This was my second validation that even though the Akashic Records sounded a little hokey they were indeed real. The first validation was when Toni healed my back (if you go back in my blogs you will read about it). Toni just sat back smiling. She knew there was a reason that we were to take this course together. I am happy to have found my Sister from a past life. I was told we had at least three past lives together. Once we were friends of the same age, once we were sisters and, in this case, I was her Grandmother. I cannot wait to spend some quality time with Leah and to share and learn from one another and become reacquainted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Toni and Leah for this beautiful experience and reconnection. Love, Light and Reiki Blessings to you both.


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