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Beyond The Altar Table S2 E2 - Where Is Auntie Margaret

In the first blogs you read about my notorious Great Uncle Art and Great Auntie Margaret. We were able to tap in once again to my Uncle Art but this time through a spirit box. We picked a weekend where my Mom and I connected with my Aunties and we spent the whole time tapping into our past family members. This was a neat experience for my Aunty Lil and was the first time she got to experience me doing Automatic Writing. The first night I was given pieces of my Aunty Margaret’s jewelry. We also had photos of my Aunty Margaret, My Brother John, My Grandma Edna and a few other people placed in front of the jewelry. I picked up a rose pin. I held it in my hands and was able to pick up that my Grandma Edna have given this piece of jewelry to my Aunty Margaret. It was a beautiful piece I am fond of. It even smelled of my Aunt’s perfume. Knowing that my Grandma Edna had held it made it even more precious to me. I picked up some earrings and got my Uncle Art on a pair. A male on another pair but I did not know who. There was a square stone that was heavy. It also smelled of my Auntie Margaret’s perfume. It seemed to be a piece that held her scarf in place. We noticed she was wearing it in one of the photos we had. I also got that my Grandma had also given my Auntie Margaret a pair of daisy earrings. This was my first time ever practicing holding items and seeing what I was able to channel from them. It was a unique experience. We whipped out the spirit box and started asking questions. While this was happening, I also started receiving messages from loved ones. Messages for the sisters from my Grandma. I was happy I was able to provide this for them. The spirit box gave us several names. It said these names over and over again, some of which we knew and some we didn’t yet know. Now it was to piece everything together. I was very much looking forward to this. The next night we had the spirit box out. I was trying to channel my Grandma Edna. The next thing I knew I was in a trance. I was in so much pain that the tears ran down my face. My legs were pulled up and my feet were up. My hands and fingers were twisted and I was feeling the horrific pain she encountered at the end with her Rheumatoid Arthritis. I could feel the infection in her leg. She told me how painful it was and that she had been ready to go in the end. She was relieved to go. I felt her final breath leave me and saw a man waiting at the foot of her bed to take her to the other side. Our loss was their rejoice. They were waiting for her. To be reunited with her. That moment gave me a completely different outlook on our passing. Even though we mourn and loose someone we love and miss them dearly it opened my eyes that there are also friends and family members on the other side who are mourning and waiting for those to leave this earth to be with them again. When I came out of my trance I looked up and noticed the tears in both of my Auntie’s eyes. They stated I had sat and gave the exact same expressions that my Grandma had given. We were trying to connect with my Uncle Art. We wanted to know where my Auntie Margaret was buried. To even know the alias names, they were under before they passed away. Believe it or not the actual alias Arthur used came up on the spirit box! He continually told us he was “bored.” That’s when I decided to play along. You see uncle was a very smart man who spoke in riddles. Everything was a game to him. I told him, “Come on Uncle Art, I am bored too. Throw us a bone. Give us a clue. We want to play your game and see if we can win.” Well, that is when things started getting fun. We started getting the same names over and over on the spirit box. I asked many questions some such as, “where did you go after Ladysmith, where are you buried, what was your name after your passing, how did Aunty Margaret pass, what was her name when she passed, where was she buried? The questions were endless. I even tried connecting with my Auntie Margaret asking the same questions. And that’s when it happened. I was in a trance and started automatic writing. After about 20 minutes of writing, we read back my messy! It was my Uncle Art who I had been channelling. And boy did he have some riddles for us to figure out! I won’t give you the audience the answers but I will tell you he gave us plenty of names. Names of people good and bad who had been around him and Aunty Margaret. He gave us a few locations to look into. He expressed who had made him angry and why. Everything was in a riddle…but guess what? We were able to solve a couple of them that night with a ton of researching. When we had finished going over his message, we knew that the game had just begun. He even told us when we were getting hotter and colder on our clues and told my Auntie through the spirit box to keep recording as she was documenting the whole night. While writing this blog I have had my spirit box on the whole time and I have been receiving messages. I know Uncle Art is with me right now smiling, he is very intrigued. So in my final words on this episode, I say with the most enthusiasm. “Uncle Art! Let the games begin!”


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