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Beyond The Altar Table S2 E1 - The Trickster Left His Mark

On February 2, 2021 at 12:10 am our client had reached out to us stating that the swing set in the neighbour’s yard was moving…it was not windy on this day. I ensured our client not to worry and be firm saying the Trickster could not enter their home. She also stated that her bedroom was freezing and that the third eye medallion strings that I had given her were fluttering but the furnace was not turned on. I then gave our client a mantra or prayer as you may call it to recited before they went to sleep for extra protection ensuring the Trickster could not come in the home.

Our client then went out to sage her property as instructed and sent me a photo and a video of her shed. There was a large hole that had been placed in the tin wall of the shed and scratch marks all over the wall. She also informed me that the neighbours had taken the swing down…. This was bizarre as she had saw it swinging the night before. She indicated that she felt like she had been watched while smudging the shed and surrounding area.

I had asked our client how the rest of the night had gone after seeing the swim moving and after she recited her mantra. She indicated that she had not heard any noises after she had sent the messages to me. She had barley gotten through the mantra before she had fallen asleep. She also stated that her daughter had slept very well and had not fought going to bed. At 3:34pm of that same day she sent me a video from her baby monitor. She had left the sage to burn in her bedroom after saging the outside area and while it was burning the monitor continuously cut in and out. The battery on the baby monitor was fluctuating and you could hear a bunch of noises in the room through the speakers.

Our client indicated that the sage had a hard time burning in her room. Then on February 3, 2021 at 12:32pm she stated that she heard tapping in her closet the night before. This meant our Trickster was still there. She indicated that she suddenly woke up twice in cold sweats. I then gave her some advice on a few more things to do and some items to get and what to do with them. She got on it right away,

On February 11th, our client indicated that she had not heard the Trickster but for sure felt him pop in. Then on March 9th, 2021 she messaged again stating that things were much better, I was relieved to hear this. It’s amazing how these things can affect people so differently, without noticing we are even being affected. My biggest trigger are these things being around our children. I have zero tolerance for this. I hope the Trickster continues to stay a bay and to leave this family alone. Time will tell but if he comes back I do believe the home owners and armed and prepared to give him a taste of their own medicine.


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