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Beyond the Altar Table S1 E5 - The Trickster

Two blogs ago I mentioned about how I had a client who lives in Central Alberta come to me for a Reiki session. Here is a quick recap before we move on with this episode.

I was picking up on something a little off. After the session she had purchased a few products to take home to help with cleansing. She had mentioned they heard a tapping and foot steps in their home. Now I did not want to remote view just then until I was done dealing with this other clients location as that energy alone was strong enough to be taking on. But I did see an energy crouched over. I held up my hand and pointed my finger over my head. I said, “tap, tap, tap on the window?” The client stood there shooked with her mouth hanging open and stated that yes on their bedroom window but it was more uncomfortable when it was under the head board. I then saw the baby crib near their bedroom window. They stated yes this was correct. I then saw that something was moved on their property. Close to their house. I also saw a swing set. They stated the swing set was next door but that yes, they had moved two existing sheds on the property up close to their house.

I just got off of the phone with this client this very moment as I write this. She had told me she has cleansed and as she cleansed, she saw a shadow in the living room as it was filling with Sage smoke. There was something as well sitting on the couch because there was just this emptiness that the smoke wouldn’t go through. She stated that something scurried around in her bedroom ceiling once she was in there. But since cleansing she has not heard much more. She stated it was not uncomfortable anymore…just empty. She couldn’t make out what kind of energy but it was just…there.

I mentioned to my client what I saw. A negative energy portraying as an old man with super long, yellow and dirty nails. If you have ever seen the movie Leprechaun it resembled that but a little bit taller and skinnier. It also wore a blue and black plaid shirt with a white undershirt, jeans and work boots. It was trying to portray a human spirit that would be recognizable. Now I picked up that it was in and out of the house. It is staying back until the Sage wears off. Standing in the field. The lady did confirm there was a field there. I instructed her to Sage tomorrow the area where the sheds are and ware they were moved from, as well as the house again. Hoping it will hold it at bay. But the sense of it being a trickster unnerved me a bit. It enjoys seeing how they react to it. I informed her not to give it any fear and to find her Mom voice and be firm with it. To watch for any scratches though. I sensed even though it is a trickster, if it got pissed off enough it could become an issue that would have to be delt with in a different way. Just then I heard two high pitch loud laughs. I thought this was my husband but it was a little chilling. I then sensed that it knew I was peaking in. I told my client this. I got the sense it called me a bitch and it was mad the night she left here. It was pissed off that I was helping my client. I also picked up on a swing set next door. I asked if she had a window that faced it as I saw it having fun on the swing often. If she was up late at night to look out that window to see if it was swinging. I also picked up on another lower-level energy in the home that was attracted to the energy that was already there. Now this one would be easy to get rid of and it was not as threatening. It was something I had seen before on my own property in my garage. It was a lower-level energy that hung around the area our gentleman was in that we passed over. It was black. Had long legs. Was smaller with long toe claws, wings a long neck and tiny ears. Almost resembling a bat. But larger, although it was not too big in size. I hung up with her instructing her to let me know how it goes.

I came up the stairs to find my husband and asked if he had been laughing. He stated he had been working on editing the blogs. I shuddered because I knew it was this trickster playing with me. Making it known that he knew. Just then my phone pinged. It was my client messaging me stating that just as we got hung up together there was a huge bang under her home. It sounded like a block should have busted. I knew then and told her that it was pissed off it could not come in the house but that she and her family were safe. She stated it was so loud they had all jumped.

My client also messaged that it was so weird that I had mentioned the swing set as they do not have curtains on the window yet. They do not use that room for anything other than storage and laundry right now. But that they all get the creepiest feeling when they go in there after dark.

Now the part I did not mention in the previous blog about all of this is that the night my client left here after her Reiki session she had messaged me. Her friend was driving the client’s vehicle and dropped her off her and drove around while she had her session. When her friend came back to the house to pick her up the windshield cracked all the way across (I cannot say if this was coincidence or not…) That night there was no tapping but there were small things moving in the home and some foot steps. When she had gotten home, she felt whatever this thing is behind her car and felt something in the trees along their side windows. Her friend also noticed it and broke out into tears because she had been thinking these things but hadn’t spoke of it until she did. They also stopped at her friend’s house before heading home and when they had left, they left some lights on in her friend’s home. But while they were sitting in the vehicle, they watched the house lights turn off and they came back on when they reached her friend’s front door, There was know one in the house. When her friend stays at my client’s home she always feels “bugged.” She feels as if someone is lurking over her.

We will see how the next few days go. I truly hope it gives up and carries on…. but I have a feeling it may be mad enough to stay…. Our fingers are crossed. If it does not leave it will be forced to leave without a choice.


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