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Beyond the Altar Table S1 E4 - Going Beyond the Altar Table

To make it clear. Astral Travel Journeying and Remote viewing are very similar but are different as well. In my mind the biggest difference is the intention. They are all travelling per say but there is a different purpose to each one with different experiences. I did write a blog in the past about Journeying to meet my Spirit Guides. There I went upward and met with my guides and received gifts. In return I gave them the gift of Reiki. Not that they needed it but it was a beautiful gesture of the greatest gift I could give back. Then there is the Remote Viewing where I can travel to a location to see what I the client and I are dealing with. Then there is Astral Travel, of which is a whole other ball game. Astral travel is when you get into a deep meditation (some are such experts they don’t have to meditate to do this). Now I have yet to have the full out great experience of an Astral travel…but I tell ya I was damn close twice! The first was when I was actually doing a Reiki session on my Mom! Now when I work on my family members, I am the most relaxed and take full advantage of getting Reikied myself! I was just starting on the top of my Mom’s head. I really needed this session as well as her. I immediately got lost in the music and started getting into a meditative state while working on her. I was trying to connect with her passed loved ones at the same time. All of a sudden, I got the sensation that my body was being lifted upwards. But when I looked, I was looking down at my physical body. I could see that my physical body still had my hands on her head and I was still sitting in my seat. So cool and amazing! The sensation was indescribable…. literally I cannot describe it. Just then the bell chimed on the music and my awareness was instantly brought back to me and I went right back down and entered my body. The second time was a week prior to writing this. I do most of my groundings and meditations in the bath tub as to me it’s the most relaxing, quiet and water itself is grounding for me. I ran a hot bath, lit a white candle. Dimmed the lights and sank into a meditation. I could feel I was starting to nod off, but yet I was still awake. I could feel my breath going in and out of my body. I could hear my breath going in and out of my body. I said to myself in my mind, “I should get out of the tub now.” I placed my left hand on the tub edge and my right hand on the tub rail and began to pull myself up. This is when I realized my physically body was still in the tub! Crap I got way to excited and became aware of my senses and they said, “Nope! You are not ready! This is not happening! You have to stay cam!” Well damn hahaha. I went right back down into my physical body. Disappointed but yet excited I got out of the tub. I decided since the house was quiet I would lay on the couch since I was so relaxed and play some Binary Beats and see if I could slip back into a meditative state.

Immediately it was if I was in space moving at an oddly high speed. I was passing white lights so fast they were leaving streaks as I passed them. Then there were electric blue lines forming all shapes. I saw a beautiful Mandala and the face of a women. She lifted her head and blinked her eyes in a loving manner. She had a sense of calm, happiness, peace, safety and love. I then awoke from my meditation. I know I will meet this lady again. I cannot wait. She has more to show me.


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