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Beyond the Altar Table S1 E3 - Remote Viewing

It has been within the last week of writing this blog that we stumbled upon a documentary on tv that described my “peeking in.” It has been referred to as Remote Viewing. I was shocked to hear that this was an actual terminology. Basically, it is getting the information and details of a location, person, past events etc. psychically with the mind, without being at that location and not using your physical senses. It is somewhat like Clairvoyance. You know about something without knowing how the information came to you. With me I tend to travel to these locations in my mind. Woo, I know, but me knowing the exact details of people’s places, past loved ones on those locations and other energies is astounding in my mind. I am happy though that I can now put a name to it. I have had a few more experiences with this. One case was a mind blower on all of the information I gathered. And it was just before the events stated happening on this couple’s property. They saw exactly what I saw, what it physically showed itself as. Now due to the sensitivity of the nature of events I have not been given permission to blog about it until they are more comfortable. When the time comes unless they say I can, I will not be using their legal names or location.

One event I will talk about though is a reading I had done for a client. Now in the reading I did a peek in of the past. It was so amazing. I saw my Grandpa, but when he was younger. He was driving his blue truck down highway 41. I realized I was right beside him in the passenger seat. I was looking at the side profile of his face. I could smell the coolness of the air. I could also feel the bounce in the springs of the truck seat while the truck went over the tiny bumps in the highway. I turned my head and realized he was driving past an old family friend’s house. When I asked my client where the highway went, they stated Mirror. As I rode along with my Grandpa he turned into a property where there was a blue car parked. I actually felt my body shift forward when he braked. This was amazing for me. The client I was reading for informed me that they had previously lived in Mirror at that time and had a blue car! I heard the creak of the truck door open and felt the seat shift as my Grandpa got out. I heard and felt the slam of the truck door. This was special to me. To be able to ride along with my Grandpa in his truck before I was even thought of.

Recently I had a client who lives in Central Alberta come to me for a Reiki session. I was picking up on something a little off. After the session she had purchased a few products to take home to help with cleansing. She had mentioned they heard a tapping and foot steps in their home. Now I did not want to remote view just then until I was done dealing with this other clients location as that energy alone was strong enough to be taking on. But I did see an energy crouched over. I held up my hand and pointed my finger over my head. I said, “tap, tap, tap on the window?” The client stood there shocked with her mouth hanging open and stated that yes on their bedroom window but it was more uncomfortable when it was under the head board. I then saw the baby crib near their bedroom window. They stated yes this was correct. I then saw that something was moved on their property. Close to their house. I also saw a swing set. They stated the swing set was next door but that yes, they had moved two existing sheds on the property up close to their house.

Lately people have been realizing that there is so much energy around this area. This is true. What people do not realize is that the Peace Hills are around us. There is so much history and energy here. As well in Central Alberta near Ponoka its one of the locations where the veil is thinnest. I feel in my bones there is more to come. I had received two other messages last week. One about a Hag in a mirror tormenting a family for years. The second where they were dealing with sleep paralysis and a third today about an energy waking up the children and guests who sleep in that particular room. I know there is more to come….I feel it in my bones…they are waiting…..


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