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Beyond the Altar Table S1 E2 - He looked right at me!

In the blog series “My Spiritual Journey” I wrote about a house cleansing we did in Wetaskiwin. I spoke how I saw the entity. In this chapter I will go more into detail about my travel before we got there. I explained how we were in Tim Horton’s and I was trying to connect with what was in this couple’s house before we got there. I was singing my heart out to the Cranberries and all of a sudden, I was floating along at a high speed out of the Tim Horton’s parking lot. It was a cooler night and I was headed West. I could feel the breeze on my face and in my hair. I was passing an apartment building and noticed people (spirits) to my right watching through the windows. Some old, middle aged and one small boy. Keep in mind I had no idea how to get this couple’s house. Derrek had the address on the google map and we had never been there before. I turned left and cruised down the auto mile. Wetaskiwin and millet are full of spirit especially with the Peace Hills here. I all of a sudden turning right going up a driveway. I noticed a spirit on the side of the house. A man walking away from me. I knew he was always setting off the sensor light. He would walk back and forth on the side of the house. I continued on and went gracefully through the door. I heard someone in the house downstairs. But I was being pulled to a darker energy upstairs. I knew this is the place I needed to go. I went up the stairs slowly. I looked left into the kitchen. It was calm and quiet. I looked a head into the living room. It was calm and quiet. I turned right down the hallway. Bingo. The energy was coming from down the hall. There was a room on the far right. The door was closed. I was almost shaking knowing it was in there. I was just before the bathroom door. I saw a flash of black and purple go by me into the bedroom. I was then hurled into a flashback in my mind. I slowly moved into the bedroom. I saw something of a shorter nature standing over the gentleman of the house while he slept. I could feel the fear inside of me but also curiosity. If I got closer would it know I am there? Should I stand back and just watch it? I saw again a flashback where it would play games on the man. In and out of the closet. In and out of the rooms. Up close right in front of the gentleman’s face. Like playing peekaboo and as soon as the man woke it would take off in a flash. I was then brought back into the present time of my journey. This thing was about one inch away from the gentleman’s face. What was it doing?! I moved in closer, very slowly. I was right beside this entity. I watched closely and intently. All of sudden it whipped its head around and looked right at me! Its face was like it was painted white. I was so close to it I could see every wrinkle cracked in the white make up. It had bushy grey eye brows caked with white makeup and black eyes. I moved back as quick as I could. It knew I was there. It acknowledged me! I had to get out of there and now! I turned around and flew down the hallway, down the stairs, and out the front door. The gentleman who was walking around the side of the house was walking towards me. He was not a threat to me as much as this thing was. I was flying down the driveway and turned onto the street into the cool night. I looked behind me to make sure it was not following me. I was in the free and clear. The next moment I was back in my seat in the warm vehicle with the music blaring and Derek talking. He saw the look on my face and I yelled out, “Holly Crap!” This thing knew who I was. And it knew I was coming for it and soon.


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