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Beyond the Altar Table S1 E1 - Peaking In

I have strived for a long time to heighten my awareness. To connect on a higher and deeper level. This came to me after our trip to see my Mom in Pouce Coupe. We hugged my Mom goodbye, got the kids loaded in the car and began to make the long trek back home. As we were driving away from the lodge and the burnt down building, I was seeing in my mind all of these spirits, good and dark standing there watching us go…was this just an imaginative thought? I was on such a high from my experience it is all I could think about. I needed and wanted to go back.”

We were into about an hour of the drive back home and I sat in my seat feeling myself nod off. The kids were sleeping and Derek was singing along to the music on the radio. All I could think of was the building we had just come from. All of a sudden in my mind I was back in Pouce Coupe walking up the long driveway…. but this time it was different than just imagining it. I felt as if I was gliding, my feet were not touching the ground. I was passing the burned down building and turned my head to the right. I saw several shadows and people (spirits) standing on that property. They could see me. Their heads turned as I floated by. In the midst of the rubble there was a huge dark presence, almost as if a collaboration of all of the dark events that happened in that building. The other people (spirits) were staying clear away from it. I knew I had to keep moving and not get sucked into it. Now in this moment of what I thought was “imagination,” or a dream I could actually feel the breeze blow through my hair and across my body as I gracefully and very quickly zoomed up to the building my mom was working in. I grazed through the parking lot, I noticed the smell of the grass, the cool air and the sounds the leaves were making in the trees. Everything was so enhanced and even though the sounds were standing out so clear and crisp it was also so quiet around me as if I was in a tunnel of some sort but free at the same time.

I moved up to the back door and gracefully went through it. There was no one around. I went through the dining room doors and zipped past the tables into the kitchen. I stopped, quickly seeing a lady standing in the corner of the kitchen with her back to me. She sensed my presence and whipped herself around. She was wearing a blue top with a white apron, white pants and white running shoes. She had short brown hair and glasses. She was holding a stainless-steel mixing bowl with a wooden spoon in it. We stood there staring at one another for what seemed like forever. I was trying to gather my thoughts. This was not my Mom or her co-worker. Who was she? And just like that BAM it hit me! It was a lady that had previously worked there in the facility! This lady passed many years ago and was an employee at this facility. I was thinking about what I should do next. I did not try to talk to her I just stood there in my presence taking it all in. She then turned away from me and went back to mixing her bowl.

I turned to the right and went off to the side of the kitchen to a little room that was not lit up. I stood there thinking what I should do next. Do I go cruise the facility and the grounds? What will happen if I run into another person (spirit)? I decided I would go find my Mom’s room. I left the unlit room and turned left. The lady did not acknowledge me leave. I went through a side door and was in a long hallway. I then heard whistling. Coming up the hall was a man. He had dark green slacks on, a long-sleeved button up work shirt with the top button undone, black shoes and very dark brown to almost black hair and his glasses were past the bridge of his nose as he was looking at a light switch in his hands. I noticed the jingle of the keys on a big ring hanging from his belt. He must be one of the maintenance men.

I panicked and turned around, I went back through the doors, into the dining room and went out the back doors again. There I saw a nurse walking with a patient. She had her arm around the frail female patient’s waist helping her balance. I saw what must have been the head nurse pushing a wheel chair (a very old wheel chair), there was a gentleman in the chair wearing a robe. His leg was propped up and looked to be in a cast. I just stood there. The nurse was wheeling the gentleman past me. I turned my head to watch. Just then she turned to me and said, “Thank you for visiting but I think it’s time to go now dear.” I froze in my spot. This woman (spirit) just spoke to me! Now what?! It was just then I noticed it was getting oddly dark and the wind and leaves were swirling around me. I knew I was cold but not the normal cold. I was chilled to my core. I looked up and noticed a gigantic shadow moving within the trees. I knew it was time to get out of there. I turned around and zipped through the parking lot, past the burned down building, which was one huge shadow now and went as fast as I could down the road to the highway.

Just then I woke up in my seat in our vehicle. I looked to my side and Derek was still singing. I turned my head the kids were still sleeping. Derek said, “That wasn’t a very long nap. Close your eyes and go back to sleep.” I told him, No. I’m good thanks.”…Was it just a dream. Was I so overstimulated and tired at the same time that I had a crazy dream…..I was to learn over the next few months that no I was indeed peaking in on my Mom’s work place that day. And there would be many more experiences like this that I did to help others determine what was going on in their houses and property.


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