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What to expect (Distance Reiki Session)

        Are you one who is always on the go, don't have time to stop and relax? Distance Reiki can still be sent to you while your at work, running errands or at the gym etc. You will still receive the healing benefits Have you ever thrown a stone into a lake and watched the ripple effect vibrate to the other side? That is what Distance Reiki is like. This unique session goes beyond the limitations of space and time. The universal life force energy is transmitted from the practitioner beyond the physical realm. Specific Reiki symbols are used to send the energy. It can even be sent to past life situations, along with your current life past, present and future. What I like to do is schedule a time where you can be most relaxed. I send you the same healing music I am listening to. You can choose to light a white candle if you like. I will then light my white candle and incense while we play the music at the same time. I ask you to relax and focus on your breathing when we begin. I then send you the healing energy until your session duration is over. After I will send you a message to inform you I am finished. If you have fallen asleep that's ok! we will then touch base the next day. We will have a short consult on what I experienced and then what you experienced. I will always check in the day after the session to see how you slept. If you had any sensations, visions or dreams and see how you are feeling.

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