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Life Path Number and Meaning

The Life Path Number is the most significant number in your Numerology Chart. This number tells me who you are and what type of life you will live.

Personality Number Meaning

This number represents the outer you. The side that you show to others. You are in charge of what you portray to others so the personality number does not always reflect your true self.

Current Name Number Meaning

This number is based on the first and last name you use on a daily basis. This number offers additional traits, strengths, lessons, experiences and opportnities to assist you on your journey. (Name changes may affect this so please communicate any name changes)

Destiny Number Meaning

The Destiny Number is the second most significant number in your Numerology Chart. This reveals your mission in this life and what you are destined to accomplish.

Maturity Number Meaning

This number reveals your future potential and the goal of your life.This is your PowerNumber.

Karmic Lesson Number Meaning

One reson why you decide to incarnate into this present life is to master weaknesses or unlearned lessons from your previous lives. This number identifies those weaknesses and along with areas of need to grow that must be addressed in this present life.

Soul Number Meaning

This number is your souls desire. This reveals what motivates you and what you need to feed your soul to feel content.

Birthday Number Meaning

This number potrays your special talents and abilities that will help assist you on your path to further your destiny fullfillment.

Please note the time of which it takes to write up a reading will vary.


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