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Spiritual Journey S8-E6 Grandma is With You Always

I have an amazing girlfriend who I cherish deeply. She has always been accepting of my family and what we do. She has been one of our biggest supporters outside of our family. I was happy when she included me in on her spiritual journey. I wanted to give back to her for all of her support so I offered to give her a house blessing.

She was more than happy to have me come in. As if a fresh start to her new life. As soon as I got into her home, I picked up on her Grandma who is always with her and who always comes through on her readings. I walked around taking photos and both of us actually saw the orb of her Grandma move throughout the house. It was such a great feeling and a great energy to be around. I wished I had known her Grandma as she had such a great attitude, loved to have fun and laughed a lot. The best part was all of the love and affection she showed towards her daughter and granddaughters.

As I began with my opening prayer, we heard three knocks. I looked at my friend and said, “What was that.” She looked back at me and said, “That knocking?!” I smiled and said, “I believe it was your Grandma.” We went to the basement. I picked up on old negative residual energy but it was nothing threatening. It just needed to be cleared out. We did pick up on this lower energy in pictures.

After we cleansed out the basement, we headed back up stairs and cleansed out any other old energy and gave a blessing to my friend and her home. My friend was happy. The home felt warm and at peace. We sat and visited and my friend reminisced about her Grandma. I encouraged her to keep talking to her Grandma which she does all the time. She showed me a photo of her Grandma. She was such a beautiful soul. I asked if I continued to receive messages from her Granma that night if I could pass them forward to her. Of course, she agreed.

Sure, enough when I got home, I ran a warm bath and started seeing her Grandma showing me a pink crochet or knitted blanket. I messaged my friend and she confirmed that yes, her Grandma had made one. It was if her Grandma was just trying to confirm to her that yes it was really her coming though.

The best part about all of this is since we have done this blessing my friend has become more open. She continues to use her Tarot Cards, she has gotten a pendulum and she is receiving more communication from her Guardian Angel her Grandma. She has also had an increase of messages in her dreams. I love and cherish the fact that I have such a wonderful soul in a friend who I can share my experiences with. She does not judge, she listens, encourages and embraces each milestone we have. While she does this for me, I as well embrace every moment of her life and journey. I continue to encourage and embrace her milestones. It is so exciting for me to be on her journey with her.


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